10 Easy Tips to Help You Wake Up In Perfect Mood

10 Easy Tips to Help You Wake Up In Perfect Mood

Sometimes we all face the same problem in the morning: our head is heavy, we can’t put ourselves together and get off the bed, and when we finally do it some strange hatred to our miserable lives. Sounds familiar? Then you should read our article right now and change your life for good because a healthy sleep and good mood are key reasons to our beauty and longevity. Want to look like gorgeous women from Romance Compass? Then here we go.

1. Give up drinking coffee at noon and later.

The vast majority of us have to wake up early. If so, you must refuse of drinking coffee in the afternoon. Most of the caffeine maniacs are mistaken if they think an extra cup of coffee can boost their productivity by the middle of a hard day. This awful habit is harmful to your heart as well as for your sleep. Such dose of caffeine will get you excited; it will be harder to fall asleep, as the result, you cannot wake up easily.

2. Forget about alcohol as well.

The process of ethanol excretion is a very complicated, energy-consuming, and long-lasting process. Your liver should filter all the liquid you had drunk in the evening, so your body will need a lot of energy to finish this. It means you won’t get enough sleep. If it happens that you anyway drink in the evening, don’t go to bed immediately after having your beverage. Give your liver more time to eliminate ethanol.

3. Don’t watch TV or surf the internet in bed.

It is always exciting to watch another good episode of favorite TV-show or laugh at funny videos on YouTube. Especially it cool to watch a horror movie just before you are ready to see sweet dreams. But you have to know that this pleasant few hour with TV or computer can affect your sleep. Your organism produces a variety of hormones and other chemicals that provoke our wakefulness.

4. Set the right temperature.

It was proven the long time ago that the wrong temperature ruins your sleep and a further awakening. The Australian scientists discovered the most suitable temperature for sleeping – 20-22 °C (68-71 °F). It is the most comfortable because you feel neither cold nor heat. It is important to set the air conditioner or thermostat the whole year to maintain the right conditions. And don’t forget to aerate the room you sleep in.

10 Easy Tips to Help You Wake Up In Perfect Mood5. Make bed every morning.

When you just wake up, it is quite healthy to do such a routine like making the bed. Of course, after that, your bedroom looks cozier and tidy, but in addition, this procedure helps your brain start working, due to which you will wake up quicker and easier.

6. Set a pleasant and quiet tune for your alarm.

Music for awakening should not be irritating and loud. You surely will hear such noise more clearly, which can wake you up immediately. But honestly, it doesn’t work properly. It is more enjoyable to open your eyes every morning listening nice and bracing melody. Moreover, change it every month so that it does not annoy you. Another good option is using a radio. Choose the stations with appropriate music.

7. Put the clock or telephone away from your bed.

It is too easy to switch off the alarm when it yells right next to your ear. But this is also a good reason to put your head back on the pillow and fall asleep again. To avoid this unpleasant situation, put your device on a table. It will make you immediately stand up and do your morning business.

8. Take a shower or bath before going to sleep.

Everyone is aware that a morning shower is a great way to cheer up. However, a warm bath or shower at the end of a hard day helps to relax and calm the nerves.

9. Do not put off the time of alarming.

If you usually try to spend “5 precious minutes” in bed, you will never get up with the clear mind. Let your organism wake up after you open your eyes.

10. Just do not go to bed late.

You always complain that you don’t have enough sleep? Pay attention to the time you go to bed and when you usually wake up. In most cases, people just sleep lesser than 7-8 hours a day. Changing this fundamental habit may bring will you long-expected, sweet, and healthy sleep.

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