6 Reasons Why You Should Not Throw Pineapple Peel Away!


Pineapples are delicious, especially if you throw them on cakes or crush them into a delicious smoothie. These tropical fruits even taste pretty good on their own and pay a whole lot of health benefits. They can boost your immune system, make your bones stronger and even prevent your eyes from falling prey to diseases caused by old age. But that’s what the fruit pulp can do for you. What about the skin? Is it intended to be thrown as you appreciate the sweet and gentle entrails of the fruit? False!

The skins of a pineapple are most of its magic. Peels, when boiled with the pulp of the fruit, turn into a porridge of tea that is loaded with health benefits! But before you can enjoy these benefits, you will have to mix the tea with a liter of water and let it cool. Once this is done, it is the health benefits that this tea will offer you.

1. It can help cancer patients

It’s not that you should ever have cancer (God forbid, it’s a terrible disease!), But if you know someone who is suffering from this horrible disease, you can certainly recommend them to sip tea To the pineapple. Especially if they go through chemotherapy. Pineapple tea can help relieve the discomfort that cancer patients experience when they undergo chemotherapy. However, the doctor should be consulted before drinking this tea.

2. This can help people with osteoarthritis

The pain of osteoarthritis is horrible! And this inflammation everywhere makes it really ten times worse. This is why most osteoarthritis treatments are aimed at controlling symptoms, and an effective family remedy for this disease is pineapple tea. Pineapple tea causes a reduction in swelling around your joints, such as knees, fingers, elbows, etc. In fact, this tea can also prevent osteoarthritis if you have it regularly.

3. This can help you if you suffer from swelling in general

If pineapple tea can cause a reduction in inflammation caused by osteoarthritis, it can decrease the swelling resulting from other pains and also the pain! Say, for example, you twisted the ankle and it is swollen, you can have some pineapple tea to get relief. The thing is that pineapple peels are rich in a particular substance called bromelain. This substance is a very powerful anti-inflammatory agent and, therefore, can really soothe the painful swellings you have in different places.

6 Reasons Why You Should Not Throw Pineapple Peel Away!4. It can prevent cataracts

Cataracts have many causes such as advanced age (one obvious), smoking, obesity, hypertension, diabetes, eye damage, and so on. Although most of these causes can be avoided, aging and deficiencies of essential minerals and vitamins can not result. So how to prevent cataract then? Simple. Smoked on a pineapple tea. The pineapple bark is rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C helps maintain healthy vision.

5. It may help in treating infertility

Infertility is a difficult reality that may feel like a failure but does not give up yet. As you continue your current treatment, you can also include a cup of pineapple tea in the diet. Bark, as well as pineapple pulp, are enriched with tons of vitamins and minerals that can boost fertility. So, make sure you have a drink if you are trying to get pregnant.

6. It can prevent an asthma attack

If you are an asthmatic sufferer, you must include this magical tea in your diet. The sad thing about an asthma attack is that it can occur anytime, anywhere. But your chances of suffering an attack can be greatly reduced if you have pineapple tea, especially after exercise. Pineapple contains vitamin A (one of the many treats to which it is attached). This vitamin A releases beta-carotene, which is the pigment that gives this fruit its beautiful yellow-green color. Now beta-carotene is known to reduce the chances of suffering from an exercise-induced asthma attack, so you may want to carry this tea in a bottle every time you hit the gym.

Convinced of the many wonders of pineapple and its apparently useless skin? If you are, you know what to do with the peels now. Instead of throwing them in the trash as you normally would, try to make the tea according to the instructions given above. However, do not treat this tea as a cure for all the diseases listed above. Self-medication is never a wise thing to do, and we urge it. It will be smarter to consult your doctor before taking the necessary measures.

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