Natural Foods to Reduce Body Heat

Natural Foods to Reduce Body Heat

Natural Foods to Reduce Body Heat

Body heat is not any sign of disease, but it is a good sign that your body is working against illness and disease. But, too much heat in the body is dangerous. When you do heavy work out, or move your body in a tiresome way, then your body will be producing more heat. Below are some of the easiest and safest Natural Foods to Reduce Body Heat.

Water therapy

When you come across an excessive heat in your body then, as early as possible drink a large glass of water. The next step you must follow is to take a bucket of cold water into which add a few ice cubes if possible. Now immerse your feet in the bucket for 15-20 minutes. Your body heat will be reduced drastically by soaking your feet in cold water.

Buttermilk and Butter

During the summer season, you can make a habit of drinking a large glass of buttermilk as it helps in removing unnecessary body heat. If you are not affected by any cholesterol related problem, then you take a drink of milk and mix two spoons of clarified butter. Stir the combination and drink it regularly.

Natural Foods to Reduce Body HeatTender coconut and watermelon

Eating watermelon is an excellent way to reduce body heat. The vitamins necessary to absorb the excessive body heat are present in watermelon. As a result of which, it balances your body heat. To say goodbye to your excessive body heat, you can drink tender coconut as it is very much helpful in rehydrating your body temperature.

Almond oil & Pomegranate Juice

Take pomegranate juice and almond oil in the glass and stir the mixture well. Drink this mixture every morning as a result of which, your body heat will be reduced, and it also keeps you healthy.


Apricot is also well known as an alternative to water, as it can quench your thirst and reduces your body heat. If you drink apricot liquid every morning, then reducing excessive body is not a terrible task to dealt.


Peaches are also a natural source that is helpful in reducing the body temperature very effectively. Peaches contain Vitamin A, B2 and potassium in it which is very much beneficial in controlling body heat. So, in a day you can consume one or two peaches or dried peaches.

By following any of the methods as mentioned above, your body heat can be reduced in a natural way. As the ingredients or food items mentioned in the above are available at home. You can find a solution to reduce the body heat. Drinking 4 to 5 glasses of water also have a significant impact on reducing body heat.

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