5 best lip care for winter 2019

5 best lip care for winter 2019

Lip care in winter cannot be ignored and it is important to make use of a proper lip balm which will protect the lips. Harsh winter winds can tell on the lips.

Winter can prove to be harsh on delicate lips and one needs to protect them by making use of a lip balm. Freezing temperatures can affect the skin texture of the lips. They tend to crack, dry, chapping or pain. A good lip balm will indeed one’s lips smooth, soft without leaving too much shine. Not only will it rather work instantly but will also remain on the lips for a long time. It is important to go in for best lip care.

No doubt, there are several types of lip balms that are rather designed for the winter season, but not all will work for oneself. The cold, as well as dryness, is only for a short time yet one needs to constantly re-apply the balm. Some balms are scented and may contain harmful artificial compounds. It is necessary to focus on best lip care during winter.

5 best lip care for winter 2019

Features of the best lip balm for winter:

• Easy Application:

It is available in a simple design and also applying the balm is simple and straightforward.

• Instant Softness and Smoothness:

The balm will instantly soften and also smoothen the lips.

• Not Overpowering:

The scent or taste will be just right; not too strong or too weak.
It is obvious a person needs to go in for best lip care.

Few Popular Lip Balms:

1. Rosebud Salve:

It is useful for dry skin and can be used for chapped lips and that which happens to be rough. It has cottonseed oil in it and Aromol. It also consists of a rose scent that combats depression as well as anxiety.

2. Natural ice lip(Mentolatum cherry flavor):

it does provide a nice mint favor and moisturizes and softens the lips. It does protect them from sunburn as well as it contains SPF 15. It is a cool application.

3. Nivea Lipcare:

It is made of real Jojoba Oil as well as Shea butter. It provides long-lasting moisturizer to the lips. It has a floral scent and provides a smooth texture, thus making the lips feel soft and supple.

4. Neutrogena Norwegian Formula:

It is made of PABA and consists of fragrance-free formula. It has no scent at all and happens to be a good moisturizer with SPF blocking sun rays. It is useful for sensitive lips. It is part of best lip care.

5. Jack Black Intense Therapy:

It not only provides moisturizer but also prevents lips from getting exposed to UVA and UVB with SPF 25. It is neither oily nor sticky. The lips remain moist the entire day as it provides much moisturizer.


In winter lips do go dry and therefore it becomes necessary to make use of a lip balm. Chapped and rough lips can cause much discomfort. One needs to apply a lip balm generously.

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