Why Modern-Days Relationships Fail?

Why Modern-Days Relationships Fail

Relationships are difficult to maintain and constant endeavor has to be made to build them up. Much patience and calmness are required. The ego has to be avoided.

Relationships these days fail. The days have gone when a couple thought they could live happily ever. Why modern-days relationships are falling is indeed a question that arises in one’s mind.

It is much easier to fall in love, but continuing the relationship is difficult. A lot of commitment is required and compromises, as well as sacrifices, have to be made in order for a relationship to endure. One can enjoy the fruits of rather being in a relationship in case a couple is able to overcome hurdles. Much dedication is also required to keep a relationship falling apart. A relationship breakdown is very painful

Why Modern-Days Relationships Fail

1. Failure to trust each other

A lack of trust does affect relationships. Distrust leads to doubting the other partner and thus they feel uncomfortable which each other. If you do not resolve trust issues in your relationship, you will eventually experience its downfall. This is a good reason why modern-day Relationships Are Falling.

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2. Egocentricity

The ego does affect relationships in a negative way. Fights do take place between the partners and ego does distance them from each other. Looking for others’ ego shows their lack of understanding.

3. Ways of overcoming ego issues

It is important to appreciate the weaknesses as well as strengths. No person is perfect. Every individual does have some drawbacks.

4. Compatibility issues

Lack of compatibility mars a relationship. Some make much effort to keep their relationship well. Many frustrations are experienced if the couple faces compatibility issues.

5. Poor communication

The success of the relationship depends upon smooth communication between the partners. Poor communication can be affecting the relationship. One partner may get hurt on account of poor communication.
How to get over communication challenges? Poor communication leads to misunderstandings.

6. Anger

• Partners do experience a feeling of displeasure or annoyance. Excessive anger is a reason why modern relationships fail. Couples need to develop an even temperament and thus avoid extremes of mood. Various factors could that lead to cause anger in relationships are
• Frustration
• Anxiety
• Failing plans
• Wrong accusations and mistreatments.
• Work pressure
• Financial issues among others….
Anger feeling is quite but if it is directed negatively towards a partner it can hurt the other person.
Anger can rather control the actions, feelings, and thoughts. It is hence advisable to control and tame one’s anger.
Ways to overcome anger.
• Calming oneself is important and
• Also effectively dealing with anger.
• Managing issues without hurting the partner.
• One needs to deal with stress without expressing negative feelings to one’s loved ones.
• Avoid uttering words that can harm one’s relationship.

Relationships are easy to build but difficult to manage. Efforts have to be made by both the partners to maintain it. Losing temper and being rude does not help at all. Tolerance is required as well as patience for the relationship to survive. There are several reasons why modern-day relationships are falling apart.

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