3 Ways to Take Care of your Hair Naturally

3 Ways to Take Care of your Hair Naturally

Beautiful hair makes one look attractive and one finds out many ways to keep it that way. Diet plays an important role as well washing the hair in the right manner. The hair cells grow very fast and it is important to trim the ends to avoid split ends which can make the hair look drab and dull. These splint ends can prevent the healthy growth of the hair.

It is quite normal to lose hair and one need not worry about it. But too much loss of hair is not good and it is better to consult a doctor to find out the reasons for it.

How to Make Your Hair Healthy Again?


Diet plays an important role in maintaining the hair. One must eat healthy in order to ensure healthy growth of the hair. One must try to include iron-rich foods such as leafy vegetables, fish, pumpkin seeds, beans, soybeans, chickpea, as well as cereals in one’s diet. Doctors do recommend that one must consume around 12 mg of iron on daily basis. One also is in need of protein as it strengthens one’s hair. It is advisable to consume proteins which are also rather rich in amino acids such as cheese, milk, peas, soy, lentils, quinoa, and yogurt.

Hair Maintenance

One must comb regularly and use a proper comb. It is good to comb wet hair. One must take a broad comb and let it run through the ends of one’s hair as gently as possible. One must trim one’s hair every few weeks to keep it healthy. Do not wash every day and make use of branded shampoo and also use a conditioner after every wash. Rinse off the conditioner with cold water for strengthening the hair and for a good shine.

Too much shampooing is not good as oils in the hair get depleted and that in turn affects the healthy growth of the hair. Read more about Caring For Your Hair at Every Age

Consult a dermatologist if you are suffering from any skin problem and also dandruff as he or she can recommend the right medication and treatment to get rid of the skin issue. One can make use of lemon juice and water and other homemade conditioners to get that natural shine. Deep conditioning of the hair is very good.

Keep Away the Heat

Avoid harsh blowing the hair with a hairdryer. Keep the hair dryer at a distance while using it to dry one’s hair. Curlers and hair straighteners can damage one’s hair so one must make use of proper conditioner. Hot hair can damage the roots and also make the hair very dry thus causing split ends. One must avoid exposing one’s hair to the heat too much.


Feel good and look great with healthy hair. It is necessary to take required precautions that one’s hair growth is not affected. Eat healthily and wash the hair properly.

Do style your hair but make sure the texture of the hair is not affected. Make sure your hair-dresser is well qualified professional.

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