Caring For Your Hair at Every Age

Caring For Your Hair at Every Age

As you grow older, your hair grows older with you. That is why your hair has very different needs as you age. From gentle washing in childhood to protective measures as an adult, you need to make sure you know everything about hair care at different ages. Continue reading about Caring For Your Hair at Every Age

When it comes to babies and children, the reality is that less can be more. Children do not need to bathe as often as adults, and their hair certainly does not need to be washed as often. In fact, washing it several times a week is probably sufficient. Moreover, when you do wash a child’s hair, you should focus on products that are not irritating. Children are more likely to get soap in their eyes. Therefore, using tear-free shampoo can be very helpful.

Caring For Your Hair at Every AgeAfter puberty, most people need to spend more time in the shower. If hormones are particularly problematic, a strong shampoo may be necessary. By this point, the hair’s texture should be apparent. Teenagers with fine hair can give their hair a lift with shampoos and conditioners that add body. If the teenager has more texture, a moisturizing conditioner is probably a must.

By the time people reach their 20s and 30s, it is time for another change in hair care. People in this age group often start to put more stress on their hair. If you color or style your hair frequently, always use a conditioner to give your hair the strength it needs to endure as a preventative measure. At this point, you may discover that you benefit from washing your hair less. Although many people want to wash their hair every day, this amount of washing can actually damage your hair. Consider skipping shampoo a few days a week to see how your hair fares. You can substitute a cleansing conditioner instead.

In your 40s and 50s, your hair will probably start to show its age. Hair can get frizzy or break easily when it ages, and this problem is exacerbated by coloring and other treatments. By this age, investing in specialized shampoos and moisturizers is highly recommended. You could try shampoos without sulfate in order to keep your hair clean without harsh chemicals. You should also look for hair care options that do not include heat. Hair dryers and curling irons become especially problematic for people as their hair ages.

Caring For Your Hair at Every AgeFor those in their 60s and beyond, continue to refine your hair care routine with options that promote strength and moisture. Shampoos and conditioners that add volume can be especially useful for those with thinning hair.

No matter how old you are, your hair can benefit from the best products by the best brands. WEN hair products developed by Chaz Dean, are an excellent choice for proper hair care. WEN by Chaz offers salon quality in the comfort of your own home. The product options can cater to any hair need, and they are designed to comprehensively protect your hair while they clean. With these products, your hair care routine can be effortless at any age.

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