10 Ways to Naturally Increase One’s Focus

10 Ways to Naturally Increase One’s Focus

How to improve focus and concentration is a million-dollar question raised by many. There are ways out. How to increase concentration while studying is of interest to many.

Attention happens to be the ability to focus well on a single task without much distraction. It does consist of several elements which need to be managed well. People are keen to know how to improve focus and concentration.

Research does indicate that people can sustain their attention for long periods and also perform various cognitive functions well. There must be a goal to learn and understand and an interest to strengthen one’s power of concentration. The idea is How to increase concentration while studying and there are several techniques to achieve this.

Thinking that the mind is a muscle is good to think the mind is a muscle. One’s physical muscles and one’s attention “muscles” have a limited amount f strength at any given time. Their stamina and power can either atrophy from rather inactivity or strengthening from vigorous and purposeful exercises. They do need rest and recovery.

1. Increasing the strength of focus attention

Mind muscles also need challenges to be sharp and need to be stretched beyond their limits similar to physical muscles. Attention levels need to be improved upon. After a period of work say 5 minutes is good to take a 15 minutes break as it improves concentration and attention.

2. Create a distraction to-do-list

Getting distracted by some other work refreshed a person to get back to his or her original task on hand. Shifting can cause tiredness and therefore if some issue pops in one’s mind write it down on a piece of paper and then look it up later.

3. Building will power

Voluntary attention, as well as willpower, are inter-linked. One’s willpower permits a person to deliberately ignore distractions while staying focused on the given task.

4. Meditate

Meditation helps a person to stay calm and cool and mindfulness meditation does boost attention much.

5. Practicing mindfulness throughout the day

It is good to practice mind fullness throughout the day apart from daily 15 to 20 minutes. Mindfulness means focusing on the task on hand, slowing down as well as observing all the physical as well as emotional sensations that a person is experiencing. Concentrating on what a person is doing does improve his or her attention. Mindfulness can push back distractions. Focusing on one’s breath takes a person away from the distraction and the person can get back to the work on hand. Concentrating on the breath improves attention.

6. Exercise 

Exercising the body helps the mind also. Research indicates that students who exercise before an examination perform better than those who do not. Exercise helps the brain to ignore distractions.

7. Memorizing stuff

Memorizing a poem or a part of the text does improve attention as well a concentration. It is beneficial to the mind to memorize a poem or a verse of scripture each week.

8. Read long stuff slowly

These days people scroll through an article but do not take time to read the whole article online or smartphone. It is good to read long texts slowly.

9. Practice attentive listening

Focus is an essential interpersonal skill. The ability to be fully present with a loved one or friend does build one’s rapport, intimacy, and trust with them. Also, making an effort to focus all the energy on someone else does strengthen concentration muscles overall.

10. Perform concentration exercises

It is good to carry out exercises that boost concentration off and On.


How to improve focus and concentration is the goal of those who would like to focus on the task on hand.

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