5 Common Sleep Habits That May Be Ruining One’s Skin

5 Common Sleep Habits That May Be Ruining One’s Skin

The best sleeping position for the face does matter for healthy skin tone. Also, it is good to be aware of how to not sleep on your face as a healthy complexion that glows makes a person look good.

Scientific studies do prove that sleep is good for one’s skin. While a person is sleeping, stress hormone (cortisol) levels do fall and one’s skin rejuvenates. There are of course few things that can be affecting negatively the skin while sleeping. It is important to ensure the best sleeping position for the face for a clear complexion.

Getting proper sleep, keeping up with one’s beauty routine, eating right, and also keeping an eye on the skin that perhaps is not all that well means having a look around one’s bedroom.

What to keep an eye on?

1. Too Much Clutter

Too many decorations and collections do clutter the bedroom. Clutter can affect one’s skin in more than one way.

Too much clutter can cause stress. Stress is not good for one’s skin. It can cause breakouts, rashes as well as other issues. It is better to lessen the clutter. Reducing clutter will also reduce dust too. Dust is not good for pores or for breathing. It is a good idea to focus time and energy on a bedroom reorganization. Less clutter means less mess stuff take care of.

2. Skipping One’s Skincare Routine

Feeling tired to wash one’s face if a person has been busy with some activity. Women forget to go in for their nightly skincare routine and this is bad for the skin.

Sleeping with makeup on can clog the pores and can have a serious effect on one’s complexion.

It is better to use wipes to remove makeup. Even if a person has not used any makeup that day, the wipes will help remove y sweat or pollutants on the skin.

It is good to be aware of how to not sleep on your face for a healthy skin tone.

3. Cozy, Snuggly Blankets

Using cozy, fluffy blankets is a good idea. Even with the most perfect blankets as well as pillows still, the skin can get damaged if attention is not paid to keep all of those things clean.

Beds need to be washed at least once a week. Pillowcases need to be changed frequently.

Hair products also get transferred to the pillowcase and the blankets thus contaminating the skin.

4. Wash Away the Day

It is a good idea to shower before going to bed. Climbing into clean sheets with r fresh, the clean body is relaxing and it will benefit one’s skin.

Night-time showers off the day’s dirt and other hair products, deodorant, pollutants, etc. on one’s skin. Thus, it is healthy to shower before going to bed.

5. Not Enough Sleep

Often a person feels tired after waking up in the morning. This happens if the person had a hard time while sleeping and this results in undoing all of one’s skincare efforts.

Lack of sleep can indeed cause hormonal imbalances, which in turn into nasty outbreaks. It is important to focus on sleep comfort needs first.

5 Common Sleep Habits That May Be Ruining One’s Skin

The creation of a sleep sanctuary that does support sleep and relaxation is crucial. It is good to get rid of things that cause distraction in the bedroom and thus a person can rest peacefully.

Electronics in the room can cause much distraction. Even removing the dirty laundry from the room does help a person to rest.

Dirty laundry is clutter and also it is a good idea to change mattresses after 8 to 9 years.


The bedroom needs to be a place for complete relaxation. The environment should be conducive for rest for the mind and the body. Helping both mind and body to rest well helps transform the skin and thus ensures a clear complexion.

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