10 Amazing Inventions In Health Sector

10 Amazing Inventions In Health Sector

10 Amazing Inventions In Health Sector

Necessity is the mother of invention. Starting from ancient’s times people are inventing new and creative things depending on the need of the hour. The process of invention never stops as our needs also don’t come to an end. From the discovery of a simple wheel to the discovery of cars, this process goes on.

Let us make you aware of some new amazing inventions that will helps human race a lot. Below explained are 10 Amazing Inventions In Health Sector

Energy Storing Foot Ball (soccket)

It is a new amazing inventions called as soccket. Kicking this football will store your energy which you can later harness in the form of power to various electric devices. Kicking it for 20 minutes will store enough energy to generate power for four hours.

Sleeping Spray

This is very helpful for those who have sleeplessness. This spray is composed of hormone melatonin (that helps in sleep), water and tyrosine. It is sprayed on neck one hour before going to sleep. This will help you to sleep if you are unable to do so.

Electric Underwear

This will be helpful for bed ridden patients who get bed sores. Bed sores can really be painful and can cause infections. This under wear creates vibrations and small electric charge after every 10 minutes to increase the blood circulation and stimulate the muscles.

Anti Smoking Vaccine

The nicotine present in cigarette is a major ingredient that temps a person to smoke. This vaccine blocks the entry of nicotine present in cigarettes into the blood and thus in brain. So a person who is addicted to smoke can’t all the pleasure of smoking after having this vaccine. So he ultimately quits smoking.

Organ 3D Printer

This 3D printer can create human organs and tissues. It can create bones, kidneys, jaws, esophagus etc. However work is still going on it. This organ 3D printer can only manufacture non functional organs and they can’t be used for transplant.

Infant Warmer Blanket

There have been many deaths of infants mostly in India due to premature birth. So the babies are placed in the incubator to maintain body temperature and to give them warmth. Unfortunately in India there are electricity and other problems so despite of having incubators, the deaths are more. Now very user friendly and cost effective jacket for babies have been developed that maintains a proper body temperature by cutting down too heat and increasing heat if it is low.

Glasses For Colour Blindness

Colour blind people can actually see the colours after wearing these eye glasses. These glasses are called as enchroma glasses. It only works in outdoors in bright light and is ineffective in low light or indoors. However, it can be very helpful for those who have colour blindness.

Heart Rate Monitoring Application

10 Amazing Inventions In Health SectorNow you don’t need to go to hospitals to check your heart rate and take your ECG. Put your fingers on your phone and the application installed in the phone will measure your heart rate and show your heart ECG as well. The application is known as ‘alivecor’

Jet Injections

These injections administer drug with a high speed into your skin without a prick. They are placed close to skin where you have to inject the drug and then release it into your skin without a needle.

Colonoscopy Capsule

It is a diagnostic procedure to check the colon. However it is very embarrassing and unpleasant experience. To overcome this problem a capsule has been developed. You just have to swallow the capsule and the cameras inbuilt in the capsule can perform diagnosis painlessly. Later the capsule is collected through stools.

Photo credit: U.S. Embassy, Manila Philippines / Foter / CC BY-ND

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