Is Sleeping Too Much Bad?

Is sleeping too much bad?

Is Sleeping Too Much Bad?

Is sleeping too much bad? Well, it has certain side effects. But how much sleep is too much of sleep? Well, various factors decide the actual amount of sleep you require.

Putting aside the actual requirements, let us discuss why sleeping too much can also be harmful.

Sleep Apnea

Too much of sleep can also increase the risk of sleep apnea according to a research. Any sleeping habit that disturbs the normal sleeping patterns is not good for the health.


We all know that sleeping too much can cause obesity. In fact, sleep deprivation is also a factor that may lead to obesity.

Is sleeping too much bad?Diabetes

A research claims that excessive sleep can also increase the chances of suffering from diabetes.


Both insomnia as well as excessive sleep may cause depression. It is better to maintain healthy sleeping patterns.


Most of us have suffered headache from sleeping too much. Excessive sleep may affect the neuro-transmitters in the brain.
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