6 Basic tips of contouring

6 Basic tips of contouring
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The two most favourite words women have in their vocabulary are- shopping and make up. The first one helps them to buy new dresses, cosmetics and accessories while the second one gives them chance to execute them in their best. Here are some basic tips of contouring for different face types which will help you in your daily life.

So, it is evident that you need useful tips for contouring for different face types. The beauty salons and your personal beautician can help you in this. But if you want to be an expert makeup artist, you can follow these basic tips of contouring for different face types-

Tricks On Cheekbone

When you want tips for contouring for different face types, your first focus should be on your cheekbone. Use blusher on your cheekbone and blend the colour with finger tips. Always have upward stroke; otherwise your face may look droopy.

Nose Job

Do you want a slick and straight nose? Then use contour powder on the sides of your nose and blend it well. Don’t go too near your nose tip, otherwise it will look very thin. To make your nose shorter, use the powder along sides of your nostrils.

Hide Large Forehead

Basic tips of contouring for different face types definitely include this. If you have boring flat forehead, make it gorgeous by blending contour colour up to hairline. Your face will look small and well-shaped.

Hide Flabby Cheeks

15824468646 5fc3985ce4 c - 6 Basic tips of contouringContouring for different face types become essential when your cheeks get flabby. A slick jaw line makes you look sexier. So put contour powder under your jaw line. See how instantly your chubby cheeks become sexy and you’ll look younger too.

Seductive Eyes

You can’t ignore your beautiful eyes as those are enough to convey your true self. So if you want a dazzling look trick with your contour powder. Apply from the inner corner of your eyes and stroke towards your eyebrow.

Match The Texture

This is also among basic tips of contouring for different face types. If you’re using powder based highlighter, then use the foundation, eye shadow and blusher of same texture.

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