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Two methods To Prevent Iron Deficiency With Jaggery

Jaggery is a replacement for refined white sugar & has used in various Indian households. It is a wonderful source of iron, and therefore, it assists prevent iron deficiency & enhances the hemoglobin levels in the blood.

If you were not interested in having green vegetables regular, then you can have jaggery on a regular base to fulfill the iron necessary of your body. Below explained are the Two methods To Prevent Iron Deficiency With Jaggery.

Prevent Iron Deficiency With Jaggery

Jaggery With Chickpeas

Traditionally, jaggery is consumed along with the chickpeas to prevent from the deficiency of iron. Chickpea is the excellent source of iron & folate, these two nutrients necessary for building the red blood cells. Folate Insufficiency too points to anemia. Furthermore, chickpea is the rich source of protein & aids in overcoming exhaustion; that is the common symptom of anemia. The jaggery & chickpea mix can taken as the natural alternative to supplements of iron & folic acid.

How To use?

Soak the handful of chickpeas in the water overnight. In the morning, combine the chickpeas with 2 to 3 tablespoons of jaggery & have the mix in the morning, optionally on the empty stomach.

Prevent Iron Deficiency With JaggeryJaggery & Dried Ginger

Folk healers frequently suggest taking jaggery along with the dried ginger to prevent iron insufficiency & treat anemia. Although jaggery gives iron, ginger helps iron absorption. Moreover, experimental studies recommend that Ginger includes certain bioactive ingredients that promote the formation of the red blood cells. Investigations have shown that ginger is extremely effective in treating the anemia caused by kidney diseases & chemotherapy.

How To Use?

You will want three grams of jaggery, 500 mg of dried ginger powder & 250 mg of black pepper powder. Ground the jaggery into the fine powder & combine it with the another two ingredients. Take the tsp of the mixture after every meal, thrice regular.

Jaggery should eat with caution if you are diabetic patient as it contains only 5% fewer carbohydrates when correlated to white sugar. It can improve the sugar levels drastically. So, if you are the diabetic or on the weight loss regime, you should not eat it in high quantities.

I Hope this post will assist you in recognizing the role of iron in jaggery. Do not forget to share the ideas section below in the comment box. We would be happy to see the responses.

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