Ten Excellent Health Benefits Of Banana Stem Juice

Health Benefits Of Banana Stem Juice

The stem of banana or the vertical straight part of the banana plant, which supports the whole plant, has considered as the flower stalk, in botany. The whole stem is in the order of layers, one below the other, exactly like in cabbage. The outer layer has usually discarded, & the rest of the stem has used for eating. Banana stem is full of dietary fibers. The fibers aid in decreasing fat, unlike those fibers that lower cholesterol. The suggested regular consumption is twenty-five grams. Below explained are Ten Excellent Health Benefits Of Banana Stem Juice

Ten Excellent Health Benefits Of Banana Stem Juice

Though, if you want to lose weight drastically, the use can improve to forty grams per day. There are few health benefits connected with the banana stems. Being cheap priced & easily available, it is a wonderful home remedy for some health associated issues like obesity, diabetes, UTI, acidity, kidney stone, & constipation.

Here Are some of the Benefits Of Banana Stem Juice

1. Detoxification

Banana stem is diuretic (supports the production of urine). It assists in flushing out toxins or unwanted substances from the body. As the home remedy for the kidney stones, it is suitable to make the juice with the cardamom or with lime. It is very efficient against kidney stones.

2. Kidney Stones

Banana stem juice & cardamoms form a very powerful combination. Cardamom benefits assists in relaxation of a bladder & urethra muscles by liberating calcium crystals in the kidney. Cardamom is too an excellent pain killer for the patient diagnosed with the kidney stones.

The potassium content present in the banana stem & citric acid in lime joins to form the potassium citrate, which is helpful for kidney stones. This banana stem and lime juices are a very efficient remedy against Kidney stones.

3. Managing Weight

The kind of fiber that it also includes aids in eliminating fats from the body. It works by slowing down the discharge of sugar & fats stored in the cells of the human body, into our bloodstream. The juice of Banana stem consumption, for weight loss purpose, can be very effective if taken with the ginger or buttermilk.

4. Reduces Belly Fat

Ginger is very useful for our gastrointestinal system. It has a crucial place in Ayurveda for some medicinal properties comprising increasing metabolism, digestion, & weight loss. It has used in various weight loss supplements accessible over the counter for diminishing weight, particularly belly fat.

The calorie content of the banana stem is very low; that means it can consume more frequently, without guilt. The banana stem has also enhanced with potassium & Vitamin B6. It includes no sodium, cholesterol, & fats.

6. Controls Acidity

The juice of Banana stem can be helpful for those who suffer from frequent acidity problems. It assists in granting relief from chest burns & irritability. The acidity level in the body can regulate by banana stem juice consumption.

7. Diabetes

The juice of Banana stem is too helpful for diabetes patients. It controls the insulin level in the body. The bitterness of juice is the natural remedy for diabetes. Diabetes management is critical for kidney functioning.

8. Digestion

If you people are suffering from indigestion, juice of banana stem is taken with buttermilk is very efficient. Buttermilk has improved with vitamin A, B, C, E, K & calcium. Buttermilk is probiotic in nature, which aids in controlling the balance of microbiome in the gut. A balanced microbiome assists in supporting the gastrointestinal tract

9. Immunity

Banana stem juice combines lots of potassium benefits. Eating it thrice per week keeps the resistance levels up & assists in combating diseases.

10. Blood Pressure

It is very useful in controlling blood pressure. Anyone suffering from the high blood pressure can benefit from its drinking. Juice extorted from the tender inner banana stem is particularly useful in high blood pressure.

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