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Six effective Yoga Exercises To slim down your Face

Are you unhappy with the ‘baby-faced’ image? Need your face to get slim & look sculpted? All you want to do is practice yoga exercises daily. Yes, yoga can reshape the complete facial structure & aids you reduce that ‘overweight’ appearance. Continue reading to know about 6 of those unbelievable yoga poses to prepare for a slimmer face

We are all aware that yoga serves us reduce belly fat, & can also lose weight through yoga. So what do to reduce those flabby cheeks & double chin? Well, there are some powerful facial exercises.

The Surprised Fish

Six effective Yoga Exercises To slim down your Face
Somewhat goofy pose, one can do this practice anywhere, though it worked correctly when you were playing with adolescent children — they think it is a funny game, & you can fit in the workout at the same time. Sucking in the cheeks & the corner of the lips, keep your lips closed so that you create the bulging pucker with your mouth. Next, lift the eyebrows as high as they can go, forming a slight stretch in the eyelid area. Hold this yoga pose for 5 to 10 seconds before taking the small break. Repeat practicing 20 times.

Lion pose

Six effective Yoga Exercises To slim down your FaceSimhasana or lion pose is recognized to be the most active yoga asana to slim down the face. It can resonance the muscles throughout the face, thereby spurring the whole musculature, which results in a slimmer face in the course of time. To practice this, you have to stop on the floor while fixing the hands on your knees. The palms, as well as all of your fingers, should be reliable sufficient. Now, breathe deeply. But instead of swallowing the air in, only keep the mouth broad open. Your jaw should drop, & the tongue should be held out facing downwards. Then, exhale through the mouth & create the noise similar to the roar of a lion.

The locked tongue pose

Six effective Yoga Exercises To slim down your FaceThe locked tongue pose is also pretty popular as jalandhara bandha. It is an interesting facial yoga exercise that can shape up our jawline and give your face the slimmer as well as fashionable look. It not only helps in toning facial muscles but also increases the blood circulation throughout our face. At first, you want to sit accurately on the ground in padmasana by keeping the legs met one over another. Place both of your hands on the lap & just relax. Now, roll the tongue up & touch the upper velum of your mouth with its tip. Try to open the mouth as wide as possible by holding the tongue in this area. You should feel an excessive stretch in the throat & face. Hold the pose until you feel uncomfortable & keep inhaling with the nose.

Chin lock

Chin lock has also known as jalandhara bandha, & it performs the important role in reshaping the chubby face. It mostly works by toning up the facial muscles, restructuring the jaw line muscles & reforming the double chin. Start with lying on the floor in such asana or the very comfortable lotus pose.

Six effective Yoga Exercises To slim down your FaceTake a deep inhalation and put the palms on both of the knees. Lift your shoulders and roll the whole body ahead a bit. Now, bend the chin downwards so that it meets the chest or remains in between your collar bones. Press it firmly to keep the esophagus fully closed. You want to retain the breath for some time. Once feel was uncomfortable, release it by lifting your head and getting back to the initial position.

Smiling Fish Face

Six effective Yoga Exercises To slim down your FaceAs the name imply, this facial yoga pose looks like a mouth of the fish. For this reason, you have to try the lips a little, though making the smiling face. Now, withdraw the cheeks. The objective would be to squeeze them into the hollows of the face. Hold the perfect posture for very a few seconds and then return to the starting position.
Though many other facial exercises can help you in your efforts to making the face slimmer, this four yoga pose are regarded as the best ones and can indeed give you the maximum results.

Double chin

Six effective Yoga Exercises To slim down your FaceCover your upper lip with your lower lip and try touching your lower lip to your nose

Hold yourself in this position for around 10-12 times

Give this exercise a break for some time and repeat it for at least ten hours in day to get rid of the double chin

Though this practice would put extra pressure on the jaw line while performing it, in long run it will aid to tone the chin muscles beautifully

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