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Rice water benefits for skin and hair

Rice water has frequently used for hair and face wash. It increases the facial appearance and makes face skin soft and smooth. It acts as great toner & tightens up the skin. Rice water is also used to contract the size of pores on surface of the skin and imparts a healthy look. Rice water is frequently used to prepare face packs, toners and scrubs, because of its extremely beneficial characteristics. Here are some of the uses of rice water.

How to make rice water

Natural cooler

Rice water is used for cooling irritations and burnt skin. It helps the skin to recover fast and prevent from further damage. In such cases, cold rice water is preferred. In this post we clearly explained regarding  how to make rice water. Learn and enjoy trying the given tips in using rice water for skin and hair.

How to use rice water benefits for the skin? : For bath

  1. Get hold of muslin bag and fill it with some rice. Also add 2 lavender flowers to it.
  2. Now place the bag into water and keep it for about 30 minutes.
  3. Soak yourself into the bag and enjoy lovely bath.
  4. If don’t have lavender flowers at home, use orange or lemon peels. Instead of orange and lemon you can also use Neem leaves and tulsi leaves.

Rice water for Face washes

  • Rice water has frequently been used as face wash. It is easy to prepare and does not take much time.
  • Simply mix the cold rice water with both of lemon juice and lavender oil and use it every time to wash the skin. Results will show within a few weeks of time.

Rice water for skin as a Face purifier

  • Cold rice water is an excellent face purifier. It is the most economical and natural way to treat the skin.
  • Rice water can be applied all over the face with help of cotton balls and massage for a few minutes. Applying regularly to the skin, automatically skin becomes soft and glowing.
  • Rice water also improves the skin tone. Rice water can be applied to the face directly in order to tighten and brighten the skin tone. Pore sizes are also reduced.

How to use rice water for hair? : Hair benefits

  • Rice water also is used for the hair.
  • Washing the scalp and hair using rice water daily resolve, imparts a healthy glow and shining to the hair. It prevents hair from damage of the follicles and keeps the hair thick, long, strong, and beautiful.
  • It is advisable to massage the scalp with rice water for couple of minutes after shampooing the hair. At the end plain water is used.

Hair conditioner

  • Rice water is also used as the hair conditioner.
  • Add few drops of rosemary and lavender oil to rice water and apply all over the hairs.
  • Leave it for about ten minutes and then wash off with cold plain water.

Photo credit: mare.bowe / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

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