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Effects Of Not Having Breakfast

Effects Of Not Having Breakfast

Why is breakfast very important? Well, it is first meal that your body gets in order to gain energy to start the day. If you does not provide food, your body might not have energy to start activities of the day.

In fact, that is the reason why your mother forces you to eat something in morning before you rush to school or workplace.

Are you aware of effects of not having breakfast? Well, your food habits affect the weight, cognition, mood, and memory, your hormonal conditions too.

Without consuming something, it is not prudent to start the day. Consuming the protein rich meal or oatmeal would do well in mornings. You can also have the fruit or a vegetable juice.

The gap between the dinner and the breakfast tends to be large and that is why eating something in the morning is very important. Here we are sharing the Effects Of Not Having Breakfast.


Your cognitive faculties require breakfast to function well. A recent study reported that the students who consume breakfast tend to grab the teachings well compared to those who does not.


Those who eat healthy meal in the morning tend to enjoy better energy levels through out the day compared to those who skip breakfast. This is one of the effects of eating breakfast. As your body undergoes fast during the night, it is very important to feed it in the morning.


When obesity invades your body, it invites other health issues like diabetes, heart problems and infertility too. If you don’t have the habit of consuming breakfast then your risk of obesity may increase.

Headaches And Dizziness

When your body lacks sufficient of the blood sugar levels, you might experience dizziness, weakness and headaches. Eating breakfast on time may reduce the chances. This is why why you should eat breakfast.


Effects Of Not Having BreakfastDo you know that food can affect your mood? Well, when you are hungry, you might get irritated easily and when you are full, you may feel relaxed. Also, there is scientific evidence that suggests that breakfast can help you stay in better mood.

Menstrual Irregularities

A study claims that the women who skip their morning meal might have higher chances of suffering from the menstrual irregularities.

Health Benefits Research suggests that those who does not eat anything in the morning may have higher chances of suffering from vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

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