8 Myths of Vitamin And Mineral

8 Myths vitamins and minerals

We all take vitamin and mineral supplement either on advice of a physician or by ourselves. They are required by our body to perform various functions and their can lead to deficiency diseases. Before taking vitamin supplements you must know the myths and facts about 8 Myths vitamins and minerals.

There are 2 forms of vitamin supplements, therapeutic and prophylactic. Therapeutic supplement are used when you already suffer from the vitamin and mineral deficiency. Prophylactic supplements are used to prevent deficiency of vitamins and minerals.

Why are vitamins and minerals important? Today, Yabibo will share with you some facts and 8 myths of vitamins and minerals. Have a look at some interesting facts about vitamins and minerals.

False: I Does not Need To Take Vitamins

In adding together to eating fruits, vegetables, healthy fats and proteins, your body requires nutritional supplements. The quality of soil has decreases to the larger amount since the last 40 years. Other chemical processes such as pesticides, pollutants and food additives also reduce the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables

False: Multi-Vitamin Pill Has Everything I Need

Many vitamin manufacturers have not updated their standard of drug formulation. This means one tablet of a multivitamin, may lack some vitamins. So adults need to take 4 to 5 multivitamin supplements per day.

True: Have Supplements

According To Your Age Adults need more vitamin supplements than children and elderly people. While as old people need more vitamin B 12 in their supplement as they cannot have non vegetarian diet always. This is one of the interesting facts about vitamins and minerals.

False: Uses Of Other Organic Substances

Most multivitamin supplements claim that they contain enzymes and some necessary oils such as primrose oil as an additional supplement. While this is true but they are of no use as they are in such a low concentration, that availing it is benefit is not possible.

False: Vitamin From Natural Ingredients Are Superior

Even the natural vitamins extracted from plants require chemical processes. Natural plants vitamins are treated with chemicals such as hexane. These are toxic and it is impossible to remove them all from the final vitamin product.

Fact: Vitamins Do Not Provide Energy

Why are vitamins and minerals are very important? Vitamin supplements help the body to utilise carbohydrates and provide energy from the Vitamins do not have calories, they help in energy production in the body. This is one of the interesting facts about vitamins and minerals.

8 Myths vitamins and mineralsMyth: Vitamin Supplements Makes You Faster And Stronger

Your body will take that much of vitamins it needs. For example in illness, vitamin level is decreased and immunity is less. So we need to take vitamin supplement and in other conditions of body when vitamin need is increased such as in pregnancy.

Myth:Vitamins Prevent Or Cure Disease

They do not prevent or cure diseases but may help your body to recover after illness. Only ailments caused by vitamin deficiency diseases can be cured by intake of specific vitamins for example scurvy by vitamin C.

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