Why You Should Not Use Soap On Your Face


Why You Should Not Use Soap On Your Face

Many people prefer to use usual soap bars on their face, not knowing their harmful effects. People might be thinking that soaps make their clean and infection free. But the case is opposite they damage their skin by using soap and invite many infections.

Why you should not use soap on your face? Soap is made of sodium lauryl sulfate which damages the skin. Apart from this, it contains many chemicals such as foaming agents, colors, preservatives, artificial fragrances, caustic soda etc. It should never be used on the face as facial skin is very subtle and sensitive.

Caustic soda added is soaps is very corrosive for your skin as in industries it is used to remove paint stains. Soap causes itching and extreme dryness to your skin. So this is the time you stop using soap on your face.

You can resort to natural mild face washes instead of harsh soaps. Soaps can cause premature aging to your facial skin. Take a look at some of the harmful effects of soap on your face.


Skin Soap damages the outer layer of your skin and deprives it of the natural oils. Your skin gets dry and itchy. Using soap for longer periods of time completely damages skin and makes it weak to allow various bacteria to target it.

Dry Skin

Since soap contains caustic soda, it extracts the natural oil from your skin. So wrinkles start appearing on your skin. Caustic soda makes your skin thin and some skin starts to peel off.

Decreases Skin Immunity

One of the side effects of using soap on the face is that it reduces skin immunity against infections. Frequent use of soap damages the lipid or fat layer of your skin. This fat layer offers protection to your skin from various infections. As a consequent of this, your skin falls prey of various bacterial and even viral infections.


Good Bacteria Soap kills friendly bacteria present on your skin that help you to fight with various skin infections. So your skin often gets acne and pimples. Apart from this, the acne can get severe since there are no good bacteria to fight against the infection. This is one of the most harmful effects of soap on the face.

Removes Vitamin D From The Skin

The vitamin D accumulated in your skin which is formed in your skin after sun exposure gets destroyed by the harmful chemicals of soap. Vitamin D is also important for maintaining healthy skin apart from healthy bones.

Why you should not use soap on your faceBlocks Skin Pores

The animal and vegetable fats present in the soap can block the skin pores causing blackheads and infections. Since dirt and oil get trapped in these pores which can also lead to acne.

Disturbs Skin Ph

Soap has alkaline pH which also makes the pH of skin alkaline. This alkaline pH is the best medium for the grown of bacteria. Acidic Ph of skin does not allow the bacteria to grow on your skin.


Your Love Life Your sweat has a chemical called pheromones which make the opposite sex to attract towards you. When soap is used on skin this chemical is destroyed and your partner is no more attracted to you. This is another bad effect of soap.

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