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DIY Delightful Smoothie To Weight Loss

Here is a simple and tasty recipe for the green smoothie to assist you to lose weight in the healthy approach. It has packed with nutrition also the fiber that fills you up, leaving no place for mindlessly munching at junk food. Below explained regarding DIY Delightful Smoothie To Weight Loss.

Health benefits of Ingredients


The spinach used in this smoothie is an excellent source of antioxidants that help detoxification. It is too rich in protein, iron, & fiber.


Researchers from Swedish found that it too supports curb cravings for sweet treats & junk food. The recipe plus incorporates pineapple that helps promote metabolism & raise fat loss. So pineapple is used for weight-loss.

Green apple

Green apple is another wonderful fruit for weight loss because of its high fiber & polyphenol content. Cucumbers, also, are efficient for losing weight as they help combine extra bulk without appending to the fat & calorie content.


Additionally, adding flaxseed powder to this smoothie boosts its fiber content that supports feelings of fullness. Flaxseed plus contains omega-3 fatty acids that support boost feelings of satiety. On of the studies have found flaxseed to be efficient in helping weight loss. It too enhances digestive health.


Adding little parsley in this smoothie combines the nice flavor also improves its effectiveness. It supports your body shed any extra water weight.

Low-fat yogurt

In extension, this weight-loss smoothie is prepared with low-fat yogurt as the basis. Yogurt is great for digestion & it also assists burn fat.

DIY Delightful Smoothie To Weight LossHow to prepare the DIY weight-loss smoothie

Ingredients required

  • Spinach: A handful
  • Plain low-fat yogurt : half to 1 cup
  • A pineapple: half cup
  • A green apple : 1
  • Ice cubes: few
  • Cucumber: half cup
  • A knife
  • Parsley : few sprigs
  • Measuring cups and spoons
  • Ground flaxseed : 1 tablespoon
  • A blender


1. Take half to 1 cup of plain yogurt into the blender.

2. Combine the handful of spinach leaves.

3. Join half cup of pineapple chunks.

4. Combine the chunks of one green apple after discarding the seeds.

5. Join half cucumber cut into pieces.

6. Add one tbsp of ground flaxseed.

7. Combine the few sprigs of parsley.

8. Blend it for around one minute.

9. Now finally Join few ice cubes.

10. Blend the mix again.

Pour this tasty and delightful smoothie to lose weight in a healthy way. One can sip it regular or many times per week.

Note: Spinach can not be fit for people on the low-oxalate diet.

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