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Delicious Smoothie for High Blood Pressure

Stop drinking morning coffee and start the day with this delicious and healthy potassium-loaded smoothie to control the high blood pressure, also known as hypertension. You can like this smoothie for overall health and energy also if you are not suffering from the high blood pressure. Below explained regarding Delicious Smoothie for High Blood Pressure.

High blood pressure is the critical and severe condition that, if neglected untreated, can tend to damage the blood vessels, heart, kidneys & other sections of the body. To hold it in check, it is necessary to modify the diet & your lifestyle.

Delicious Morning Smoothie for High Blood Pressure

For example, specialists suggest that people with the high blood pressure have a balanced & nutritious diet, limit intake of alcohol , restrict sodium intake, avoid caffeine, exercise daily, watch their waistline and reduce stress in their life.

Eating foods rich in vitamin C and potassium are particularly beneficial. Various studies have observed that these nutrients assist lowering blood pressure.

The antioxidant vitamin C assists neutralize free radicals & relax the walls of the blood vessel. It acts as the diuretic to eliminate surplus sodium & water from the body. Potassium also aids decrease the blood pressure, particularly systolic blood pressure as it enhances the excretion of sodium.

Thus, for the healthy dose of vitamin C, we have incorporated fresh strawberries & kiwi in this smoothie recipe. Strawberries further include potassium. Additionally, bananas are the good source of potassium. We have further enumerated ground flaxseed for its fiber content.

Dairy products supplement to this smoothie health benefits. In fact, one of the studies published in 2016 in the journal Nutrition Reviews noticed that people who ate at least three portions of dairy products the day had lower the blood pressure & a moderate risk for the heart disease. This recipe incorporates skim milk & low-fat yogurt.

One can also join garden cress to improve the smoothie’s flavor. Additionally, this herb has loaded with vitamins A, C, & K, and allows cardiovascular benefits.

How to make the healthy breakfast smoothie for high blood pressure

Ingredients required:

  • Skim milk
  • A kiwi
  • Strawberries
  • Low-fat yogurt
  • A banana
  • Garden cress (optional)
  • Ground flaxseed
  • A blender
  • A knife
  • Measuring cups

Delicious Smoothie for High Blood PressureMethod to prepare:

1. Take half cup of skim milk into the blender.

2. Combine half cup of low-fat yogurt.

3. Toss in the half cup of cut strawberries.

4. Cut one banana into the same blender.

5. Combine the chunks of one peeled kiwi.

6. Join a spoonful of ground flax seeds.

7. Blend the mix for about two minutes.

8. If you like, chop and combine a little garden cress & blend again. (It is optional)

9. Take the smoothie into the glass and serve it.

Now you can enjoy the healthy morning smoothie to lower the high blood pressure. Drink it regularly or many times a week.

Note: Do not forget or neglect to take the medication for blood pressure suggested by your family doctor. Use this recipe as a supplement treatment & keep monitoring the blood pressure readings.

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