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6 healthy food exchange for a fuller stomach

Do you frequently find yourself giving into cravings or overeating during the meals? Here are some quick, 6 healthy food exchange for a fuller stomach that will keep you from binging on unhealthy foods.

Skip fruit juice for an apples :

Instead of the hurried glass of sugared fruit juice, chomp on an apple. The fibre and water content in apples would keep you full and reduce the chances of overeating.

Consume eggs instead of cheese sandwich :

You may be a fan of cheese; though, it is wise to make the big switch from a heavy cheese sandwich to protein rich eggs. After a protein-rich meal, you are likely to consume lesser calories throughout the day.

Replace starters with soup :

6 healthy food exchange for a fuller stomachA broth-based soup is the healthy option for keeping yourself full. It is delicious, and you can add veggies and ingredients as per your preference.

Avoid oily snacks for pears or avocados :

Instead of binging on the fried junk, switch to fruits like avocados or pears. Even ½ an avocado is fulfilling and has sufficient amount of fibre. Similarly, pears are extremely fibre-rich and are the healthy replacement.

Pick chickpeas over chips :

Instead of grabbing the packet of chips, carry a box of nutritious boiled chickpeas. Add in some onions, coriander, pepper to taste. Chickpeas are packed with the fibre, antioxidants, iron and provide the required nutrition all at once.

Ditch parathas for oatmeal :

There is nothing better than the bowl of hot, fibre-rich oatmeal to keep you full for long. It is best to start day with the bowl of this cereal instead of oily, buttery parathas.

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