When & Signs to See a Gynecologist 


Women having gynecological issues can visit the best hospitals for gynecology in Hyderabad. It is a known fact that the best gynecology hospital in Hyderabad can treat well all gynecological health issues.

A woman needs to know when to consult a gynecologist if having gynecological problems which can be troublesome, and cause much distress. Best hospitals for gynecology in Hyderabad can do the needful.

When to see a gynecologist?

1. Vaginal Dryness

Vaginal dryness can indeed be a symptom of a larger problem and to know the root cause, see the gynecologist.
Several conditions cause vaginal dryness. If experiencing vaginal dryness during sex, then it could lead to restricted foreplay, trouble getting aroused, or be an emotional problem.
Daily vaginal dryness can be due to hormonal imbalances related to menopause. Other causes of vaginal dryness do include the use of birth control, tampons, as well as medications used to treat an overactive bladder. If vaginal dryness does occur shortly after taking a new medication, then discuss it with the gynecologist.

2. Problems after Sex

Pain after sex could be due to an allergy to latex. If the pain only lasts for about 36 hours or less, then a latex allergy can be the cause. In this case, you can switch to polyurethane condoms.
It is better to meet the doctor to rule out other reasons and if it is a latex allergy.

3. Pain during Sex

Unusual as well as intense pain during sex is also a sign that a person needs to see a gynecologist. This sort of pain during sex can indeed be situated inside one’s vagina, near the opening, or in one’s abdomen.
Deep, sharp internal pain can be a sign of ruptured cysts or cervix inflammation. STIs, a yeast infection, or endometriosis can also cause pain at the time of having sex. The best gynecology hospital in Hyderabad can deal with this health issue.

4. Irregular Bleeding

Irregular spotting in between the woman’s periods is common when taking birth control pills or preventive measures. In case the bleeding lasts for days and happens to be a heavy flow, contact the gynecologist. It can indicate pelvic infection, polyps, or even a host of other conditions.

Bleeding during pregnancy is considered to be normal. Yet it is better to consult the gynecologist to rule out any major problem.

5. Changes in Odor and Discharge.

Every woman tends to have a different vaginal odor.
Vaginal odors can also be indeed due to foods consumed. If a sudden fishy odor is accompanied by abnormal discharge, then it is necessary to meet the doctor.
Pain and itching linked with these changes can indicate an infection.

6. Itching, Swelling, and Pain

Itching in the woman’s intimate areas is extremely uncomfortable. Swelling cum pain can also accompany itching or occur by themselves. These symptoms can be due to dermatitis, a yeast infection, or other health conditions. Visiting the doctor is better.

7. Bumps, Lumps, and Sores

Several bumps in the woman’s genital region are normal. It is important to know what is normal as well as abnormal. In order to identify normalcy or not, the woman needs to inspect her vulva every two to three months.

If any changes, then consult the gynecologist. Bumps, lumps, and sores can be a symptom of an STI or, in rare cases, cancer.

8. Burning Sensation during Urination

Going to the bathroom and also experiencing a burning sensation is never a welcomed event. If experiencing a burning sensation or have trouble urinating, then it may be a sign of a health condition. For example, a yeast infection, an STI, or a UTI.

9. Abnormal Periods

Missing one’s period or having multiple periods is rather a sign of having to visit the doctor.
Cramping during one’s period is normal. In case, the period is extremely painful then it is a different issue. If behavior dramatically changes before or during one’s period, then it needs to be checked. The doctor will go in for a diagnosis, prescribe medications, and or suggest other treatment options like light therapy.

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