What Does Stinky Breath Mean?


What Does Stinky Breath Mean?

Bad breath is the common issue which many of us face on a day to day basis. According to the most of us, in layman terms we come to the belief that bad breath is caused by not brushing our pearly whites & not scraping the dirt from our tongue.

Although, in most of the cases the sole reason for bad breath is due to anaerobic bacteria living in the back of tongue, throat & tonsils, which break down proteins in our food. On the other hand apart from this, there are many other causes of bad breath which could relate to the kidney failure, diabetes & even respiratory issues.

Here are some of the things breath is trying to tell you about the health. Pay attention to signs & seek medical treatment as early as possible. What Does Stinky Breath Mean?

What Does Stinky Breath Mean?Smells Like Pears

If you are bad breath smells like pears it could be a sign of Type 1 diabetes.This is caused when there is a lack of insulin in body. So, it is best to take a diabetic test & get started on the right medication to also help deal with the stinky mouth.

Smells Like Fish

Nitrogen & sulphur are the main cause of giving out fishy smells in the breath therefore resulting to bad breath. If you are experiencing this stink, it is related to a problem in the kidneys. Check up on the functioning of the kidneys.

Smells Like Faeces

If the bad breath smells like faeces, what does it mean? Experts state that this smell in the mouth indicates infected gums. The production of the chemicals by anaerobic bacteria is manly caused by the lack of flossing. So, remember to floss the teeth frequently & remove food particles that you are toothbrush cannot remove.

Smells Raw

Dry mouth is another cause of bad breath. In fact, dry mouth is also called Xerostomia where the saliva does not flow usually. If you suffer from this type of stinky breath it could eventually lead to other gum related problems and tooth decay.

Smells Like Rotting Flesh

If you are bad breath smells like rotting flesh, it is a sign of tonsillitis. This type of breath typically occurs when the tonsils are infected & inflamed. The inflammation makes it difficult for the anaerobic bacteria at the back of the tongue to break down chemicals therefore  producing Sulphur-producing bacteria.

Smells Like Fermented Milk

When you are diet lacks carbs & more of protein, you are breath begins to smell bad. The fermented milk smell is due to presence of the bad diet. So, make sure to add good carbs in the diet if you want to get rid of this stinky breath.

Smells Like Mothballs

Those who are suffering from the sinus typically have bad breath that smells like mothballs. The reason being – the mucus formed when the nose is stuffy contains very dense proteins resulting in this type of bad breath.

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