Turmeric face packs For A Pimple Free Skin

Turmeric face packs For A Pimple Free Skin

Turmeric is one of the most necessary herbs or spices that are used habitually in all the Indian dishes & using the turmeric face pack as a beauty product is a great idea. Also, it is the part of ayurvedic medicine because of its outstanding healing abilities or effects. Turmeric is frequently used as the natural healing and antiseptic for wounds or infections among the people.

Given below are sure evergreen recipes that can be applied as either face pack or rinse to cure pimples. Originally, apply the turmeric face pack and later scrub and rinse the face off with it. Here are few Turmeric face packs For A Pimple Free Skin

Milky Turmeric

Turmeric face pack can be made out of milk and turmeric mixture created for regular application on daily basis.

Fullers Earth

Pack Fuller’s earth in the combination with the turmeric and milk or rose water based on the preference of person using it can be used to clear all the extreme oil and pimples from the skin.

Tomato Pulp

Pulp a large tomato and add a pinch of turmeric to it. This not only clears the skin by removing dirt and pimples but also acts as the natural bleach when used daily by lightning the skin.


Sandalwood has an extremely cooling effect on the skin. Also, when it is combined with turmeric powder and rosewater it acts as an antibacterial and antiseptic face pack and wash.

Honey-flour Mix

Make the turmeric face pack with the mixing together a tablespoon of honey with a pinch of turmeric and flour along with the rose water to calm and ease the sin from the ugly outbreak of the pimples.

Neem And Turmeric

Make a past of neem leaves and apply it with turmeric in it. It cures pimples instantly leaving behind a flawless skin.

Curdy Mixture

Add a little turmeric powder to curd and Dab it on face or any other wounded area to feel the pain go away and it also instantly dries the pimple and clears the skin of any bacterial growth.

Turmeric face packs For A Pimple Free SkinTurmeric And Besan

This classic turmeric face pack recipe is also called as “Ubtan” in North India. It clears off extreme dirt and oil from the skin, leaving behind flawless pimple free skin for its users.

Juicy Pack

Raw turmeric juice face rinse facepack for pimples in summer is enormously effectual. It not only clears the skin by removing extreme dirt along with plummeting the outbreak of pimples by clearing the pores.

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