10 ways to boost VitaminD

10 ways to boost Vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential for good bones and children, as well as adults, do need it. It is advisable to consume vitamin D foods as it is part of maintaining good health.

One needs to get sufficient Vitamin D. There are insufficient levels of UVB radiation from sunshine in the winter months in order to synthesize sufficient vitamin D in one’s skin’ A supplement of Vitamin D can also be taken. It is also better to consume plenty of vitamin d foods.

Vitamin D is essential for bone as well as dental health but is also now recognized as being crucial for several biochemical processes in one’s bodies. A deficiency can be linked to, as well as osteoporosis and rickets, conditions such as heart disease, cancer, multiple sclerosis, and diabetes. There are also suggestions that it could be beneficial in warding off colds as well as fighting depression.

The optimum levels of vitamin D is an issue much debated.

What boosts Vitamin D?


It is better to spend more time outdoors in the sunshine as such exposure does help. One can expose one’s forearms outdoors for 20-25 minutes that can boost one’s vitamin D levels even on a cloudy day. In winter, exposure to sunshine can be rather difficult with fewer hours of daylight, fewer UV rays reaching us, and a tendency to cover up and stay indoors. If one is working in an office one can take one time and go out for a walk in the sunshine. Of course, in summer one needs not to avoid overexposure as it can result in sunburn.

Oily fish

One can go in for oily fishes such as salmon, tuna and mackerel which happen to be a great source of vitamin D. A 3-ounce fillet of salmon can indeed supply about 80% of one’s daily requirement. Vitamin d foods do include such fishes.

Fortified foods

Milk, bread and grains are not routinely fortified with vitamin D but it is good to have them. Several spreads and breakfast cereals are also fortified with Vitamin D. Vitamin D foods do include these food items as well.


Eggs are good source of vitamin D. One egg contains 1mcg of vitamin D it is understood.

Beef liver

Beef liver happens to be a good dinner option, but, rich in protein and iron, a portion of liver also does contain about 1.2mcg of vitamin D.


It is good to have a healthy portion of mushrooms as part of one’s meal. It contains plenty of Vitamin D.

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Similarly to milk, cereals are indeed often fortified with vitamin D and are particularly good for children.


Orange juice

One cup of fortified orange juice has more vitamin D than a cup of fortified milk. Freshly squeezed juice does contain lots of Vitamin D.

Ricotta cheese:

Ricotta has, in fact, more than five times the amount of vitamin D as other cheeses.
One-fifth of a block of raw tofu has 140 IU of vitamin D.


Vitamin D is good for health. It helps in enhancing the body’s absorption of other vitamins as well as minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, and phosphate. It is beneficial for weight loss, skin health, brain function, and bone strength. Such vitamin d foods are considered to be healthy to eat.

Vitamin D deficiency can be due to different lifestyle factors, from not getting enough exposure to sunlight, to your diet or lack of absorption by the body. It is advisable to ensure that one get sufficient Vitamin D in one’s daily intake of vitamins and minerals.

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