Top Vastu Consultant

Top Vastu Consultant

Vastu shastra is a unique combination of science and architecture. Utilizing the principles of Vastu in the workplace has transformed the way modern offices are designed. Good Vastu planning can activate a positive energy field to help you achieve your goals. A professional Vastu planner will provide you with an effective workspace with an inspiring atmosphere. Read on for a few tips on incorporating the principles of Vastu into your office space. Also, do consult one of the Top Vastu Consultant prior to doing any major corrections to your workplace.

A good location for the office reception area is the northeastern or northeastern corner. It should have comfortable seating so that visitors can relax. Moreover, the reception desk should be in a north-eastern or eastern direction, so that the energy entering it is in a positive direction. Visitors should be able to relax and feel at ease while waiting in the reception area.

Proper orientation of the office’s entrance should be considered. Ideally, the entrance door should face the east or the northeast corner. It should have no open space in the center. The head of the office should sit in a southwest corner, and visitors should face the east. The office reception should also have minimal open space. A good location for the toilet and pantry should be in the north-eastern or eastern direction.

The northwest and southeast directions are good for seating middle management staff, while the southeast and southwest are best suited for sitting high-level personnel. In addition, the north-eastern or eastern direction is good for placing the office’s water source. If you have a cashier, the cashier’s seat should be positioned away from other employees.

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Similarly, the northwest and southwest are good locations for the marketing and legal departments. The northeast is also good for building reception areas, so long as they can support fruitful discussions. Keeping the office’s location free of risks is essential to its overall well-being. A north-eastern or eastern reception area will help to minimize delays in payments and new orders. Additionally, the northern direction should also be insulated from fire, so that the reception and kitchen areas will be safe from the effects of fire.

Employees should face north or east if possible. This is also recommended for receptionists and executives. The northeast corner is considered a place for management and leadership. Similarly, employees facing the east should sit at their desks. However, the northwest corner is not a good place for employees if they need to face a glass wall or a wall with exposed beams.

Top Vastu Consultant

As per Vastu Shastra, it is advisable to position employees’ seats in the northeast or northwest corners of their workspace. The sun rises in the east and is favorable for financial growth. According to Vastu, employees in the sales or marketing department should sit in the northwest or northeast corner of the workplace. In addition, the direction of the office should face the north-east or north-west, while those in the accounts department should sit in the south-east corner.

The southeast and southwest directions are favorable locations for employees, while the northeast and southwest directions are favored for the CEO. In addition to being a good location for people to work in, it also boosts energy levels. If you are building a new office, try to avoid building in the northeast or northwest corner. When painting your workplace, it is best to avoid red, pink, or green paint.

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