Top Five Images of Beyonce without makeup

Beyonce without makeup

Beyonce Knowles is a well-known name in the international music arena. The lady made her debut in this industry almost 16 years ago with the musical group Destiny’s Child. And believe it or not, she is truly a destiny’s child. Her initial days in the industry were full of struggle, but she was determined to make her mark and today she is a name in the global music arena. Her voice, her music, and her inimitable style have always been the talk of the town. She has evolved with time and has got better with each passing day. The only thing that hasn’t changed with time is her beautiful and gorgeous face. Know about Beyonce without makeup.

Usually, when we see Beyonce in stage shows or in music videos, we see her in attractive attires and apt makeup. But have we ever imagined as for how Beyonce would look without makeup? Well, it is quite surprising to know that Beyonce looks as glamorous without makeup as she looks with makeup. Mentioned below are some instances when this sensation was spotted without wearing any kind of makeup:

Beyonce without makeup

Beyonce flaunting a white sleeveless top casually

Beyonce without makeupBeyonce has the caliber of carrying off anything and everything perfectly. Take the instance of this simple white sleeveless top. The lady looks stunning in this white top and white pant. She has no makeup on, but the radiance on her face is always there. Her blonde hair also helps in making her look great despite any kind of makeup. Needless to say, she looks smart and classy in the ensemble.

The stylish strappy and short dress

Beyonce without makeupBeyonce’s gorgeous smile has been the hot topic of discussion for many of us umpteen times. Along with the beautiful smile, this lady has amazingly radiant skin and this enhances her beauty manifold times. Check out how stunning Beyonce looks in this short, strappy dress.  Her hair is tied in a braided low bun. The glares add oomph and style and accentuate her natural beauty perfectly. And guess the best thing? She looks like this without any hint of makeup!

The polka dotted attire

Beyonce without makeupGive Beyonce any dress and she will look graceful in the same. This green polka dotted dress looks lovely on the gorgeous lady. The hair is done casually in a loose bun. Matching with her attire is the lovely chandelier earring that she is sporting. In fact, the design of the earrings has strong Indian elements in them. The natural dusky complexion of Beyonce enhances her looks and beauty significantly. She wears the costume with panache and élan. She has no makeup, even and still looks glamorous.

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The incredible black jumpsuit

Beyonce without makeupIt seemed that this black jumpsuit was exclusively made for this super hot sensation only. The black round glasses complete the look along with the open and somewhat messy blonde hairstyle. Don’t miss the lovely smile that the lady wears, always making her all the prettier and beautiful. If you fall in love with her, we can’t blame you for that. What is the need of makeup when someone is so beautiful naturally?

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The deadly combo of blue denim and white top

Beyonce without makeupThe combination of a white top with blue denim is a classic one. Anyone looks great in this. But when it is Beyonce, it is definitely special. She adds spunk to the white top with some stylish embellishments. The denim fit her perfectly. Most importantly the killer attitude that she flaunts adds glamour to the person’s personality. The large tote that she carries is in sync with the entire ensemble. Her not wearing makeup does not impact her smart appearance much.

The above are the images of Beyonce without makeup.


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