Top 7 Super Brain Foods For Kids

Top 7 Super Brain Foods For Kids

Top 7 Super Brain Foods For Kids

Children in their growing years need proper food for their overall growth as well as for their brain development. The foods consumed by children affect their learning skills and improves their ability to concentrate. Studies have found that food containing essential nutrients and vitamins has the ability to boost the brain power. Here are some tasty and healthy Super foods that will energize the kid’s brain for learning activity. These foods will ensure the proper working of the brain even in future years.

Below given are Top 7 Super Brain Foods For Kids

Whole Grains

They are a rich source of complex carbohydrates and hence helps to maintain an even glucose level in the blood throughout the day. This will help the brain to get the energy needed for proper working. The children will be more attentive when the glucose level in the body is optimum. Children will have better motor coordination when they have complex carbohydrates.


You can use whole grain breads for breakfast or for making sandwiches

Whole grain cookies can be used as snacks.

Research has shown that kids who eat a proper whole grain breakfast do better in their academics and has less behavioral problems.


Eggs contain protein and nutrients like omega -3 fatty acid, choline, Zinc and lute in. These nutrients are necessary for brain development and function. Choline present in egg is vital for the formation of memory stem cells. The more the stem cells, the better will be the memory power. Choline rich foods promote memory cell production throughout the childhood.


It can be served as boiled eggs or omelets or as scrambled eggs.

If your child hates eggs disguise them in toast with whole grain breads.

You can use scrambled eggs to fill in tortillas as a snack.


Yoghurt is a good source of protein, fat and vitamin B. The fat present in yoghurt is very necessary for brain health. This fat keeps the brain cell membranes flexible and helps in sending and receiving information by the brain cells.


You can use flavored yoghurts as desserts

You can add them in the lunch box of children along with some mix-ins which they like.

You can serve yoghurt with berries on top for breakfast.


Fish is an excellent brain food as it contains omega 3s and vitamin D. These contents protect the cognitive ability and prevent the memory loss. Fish like salmon, sardine, mackerel and tuna are rich sources of omega 3. The kids will be able to focus better if their brain receives a good quantity of omega 3.

Top 7 Super Brain Foods For KidsTips

It is better to avoid deep fried fish as this will remove the nutrients.

You serve them grilled or roasted.

You can use cooked fish in salads and sandwiches

If your child is reluctant to eat fish, try fish oil supplements


Water is a highly overlooked food for children. School going children drink very little water and this can affect the proper brain function. When the children get dehydrated after playing they will be irritable and lethargic and will not be in a frame of mind to listen or memorize.


Offer water along with every meal

Make sure that they have access to good drinking water when they are in school.

Organic Foods

These organic foods are free from pesticides and insecticides and preservatives and do not cause nuerodevelopmental problems in children, which will impair proper brain functioning.


Serve fresh and washed vegetables as salads or in cooked form.

Pumpkin Seeds

A handful of pumpkin seeds will contain the daily required amount of zinc. Zinc enhances the memory and thinking skills.


You can add roasted pumpkin seeds into salads

You can give roasted pumpkin seeds to kids along with dry fruits as snacks.

Are you a mom searching for the best foods to boost the brain power of your child? Do you want to improve the brain development the natural way? Give the Super foods for brain development to your child and see the difference in performance.
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