Top 4 Donkey Kick Exercises for Firmer Buttocks

Donkey Kick Exercises for Firmer Buttocks

Having a firm and well shaped buttocks and legs enhances the look of a person considerably. However, cellulite deposition is a common problem that is seen in these areas. These hamper the shape and appearance of the buttocks and legs. There are exercises, which help in toning the muscles of these parts. Among many, donkey kick exercises need special mention. Read about Top 4 Donkey Kick Exercises for Firmer Buttocks

Brief information on donkey kick exercise

Donkey kick exercise has been started lately by fitness enthusiasts and has shown great results. These exercises are considered to be part of aerobics and both men and women can practice the same. If you are suffering from the problem of cellulite, this exercise can be of great help. The lower back muscles and the hip muscles gain greatly from the exercise. No equipments or devices are required for this exercise and it helps in working out the glutes perfectly.

Different kinds of donkey kick exercises you can try

• Wall donkey kick

Donkey Kick Exercises for Firmer ButtocksStand straight with the back to the wall. Get down on the floor with the hands and knees. The hands should be shoulder width apart and the knees should be under the hips. Shift all the body weight to the hands and toes. Kick out so that the feet reach to the wall behind. Make sure that the upper torso is not moved. The hands and the body should not change position all through the exercise. Jump to get back to original position. This should be repeated minimum 10 times for best results.

• Basic donkey kick

Donkey Kick Exercises for Firmer ButtocksFor the basic donkey kick, get down on all the fours – on hands and feet. Use a mat for this exercise. The hands should be right under the shoulders and the knees and hips should be aligned. The head and upper torso should be straight. While keeping the knees bent, lift up the left leg in a manner that the thigh remains parallel to the floor. The foot should be pointing up towards the ceiling. Stretch the foot as much as possible while keeping the abs tight and without moving the upper body. Get back to original position and try the exercise with the other leg. Keep on changing legs and repeat 8-10 times. Know about exercises to slim down your face

• Stability ball donkey kick

Donkey Kick Exercises for Firmer ButtocksTake a stability ball and stand about a foot away from the same. Adjust the distance as per your level of comfort. Put the feet together while standing. Bring your upper body down in such a manner that so that the hands can be placed on the ball for support. Lift the right leg and bend it at the knees at 90 degrees. Kick back as high as you can. Do this minimum 15-20 times. Now shift to the other leg and repeat the whole process.

• Straight leg donkey kick

Donkey Kick Exercises for Firmer ButtocksThough there might be variations in the exercise style, the basic posture remains unchanged in all donkey kick exercises. Get down on all fours on the floor. Place the knees together. The upper body part needs to be lowered further by bending the elbows. Keep the forearm straight on the floor. The right leg should be straightened and lifted as much as possible. See that you don’t move the hips or bend the knees. Once done with the right leg, repeat the same process with the left leg. For each leg, minimum 15 repetitions are recommended.

All these above mentioned donkey kick exercises work on the hips and leg muscles. As a result, you can have well toned and shaped buttocks and legs. Include these exercises in your daily exercise regimen and see the great results that they bring!

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