Can I lose belly fat with yoga?

Can I lose belly fat with yoga?

Yoga postures can help gets rid of belly fat. Both men and women like to shape up and prefer to get rid of their belly fat. Visiting the gym is an option but yoga is equally good.
Yoga helps to have a toned and tight body. It makes one feel fit and healthy. One would like to get rid of stomach fat, yoga for belly fat. Yoga is a spiritual and physical exercise that benefits the body in several ways.

Belly fat can be stubborn to get rid of. It indicates unhealthy food habits and also mars one’s physical appearance. It takes time to get rid of it. Women hit the gym and even men do. Yet one can think of yoga to flatten the stomach.

It is necessary to follow a regular yoga practice that can play a role in helping a person to achieve the long-awaited six-pack; it can indeed help a person to lose weight and tone from head to toe, which includes one’s abdominal area. Yoga does boost weight loss in a more holistic way than one might otherwise think. Stomach fat, yoga for belly fat can cause much embarrassment and people would prefer a flat stomach.

To better understand this question, it is necessary to understand how the body does burn fat. No doubt one can put on extra pounds around the belly and it is difficult to lose. Here one can go in for yoga.

That being said, a diet and exercise plan that does allow the person to lose weight all over will benefit that belly bulge. To shed pounds consistently, it is necessary to burn more calories than is consumed in the day. Excess fat around the abdominal does involve a risk of heart disease, diabetes, and certain types of cancer.

Yoga can be part of one’s belly-shrinking plan, whether a person has practiced before or not. Not only does it burn calories it also helps tone up the trouble spots. It changes eating patterns, one’s sleep habits.

Yoga involves forms of exercise for the burning of calories. It helps restore good health and trims one’s body into proper shape.

Yoga is a good form of cardiovascular exercise and promotes a healthy heart.
Yoga promotes weight loss. Slimming down helps tone up one’s body. It is also important to develop proper eating a bit and indulge in excessive consumption of food or alcohol control to their mindful eating habits. Eating healthy is necessary to maintain proper body weight. Dieting does help but one needs to eat sensibly as well

Can I lose belly fat with yoga?

1. Cobar asana:

A very easy a well powerful asana. It strengthens the chest, abdomen and stomach muscles.

2. Bow Pose:

Regular practice reduces the belly fat and tones up back, thigh, arms, and chest.

3. Wind relieving pose:

This good for gastric and constipation problems.

4. Seated Forward Bend:

This promotes flexibility and stimulates one’s solar plexus.

5. Plow Pose:

It relaxes the body and mind and keeps a person calm. It protects the body from disorders.

6. Sun Salutation:

It is effective to get rid of belly fat.

7. Boat Pose:

It flattens one’s tummy. It gets rid of the excess fat.

8. Camel pose:

This is a backward stretch yoga pose and stretches one’s belly thus getting rid of the fat.

9. Raised foot pose:

Relaxing yoga poses to get rid of lower belly fat as well as hip fat.

10. Standing Forward Bend:

This yoga pose tones up the abdomen muscles and prevents stomach disorders.


It is important to eat healthy while doing yoga and not go in for junk food. Yoga helps burn off calories but one must not add on calories also. Stomach fat, yoga for belly fat is worth pursuing.

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