Top 10 Most Beautiful Indian Bridal Sarees Looks

Indian Bridal Sarees

Indian bridal sarees always looks amazing. There are two kinds of Indian brides. The first category includes the coy, blushing bride who has dreamed of a big fat Indian wedding for as long as she can remember. Hunt for ideas, she crazy in magazines, browse online, and check out the social media profiles of only married friends. And then there is the other guy – those who are in the strict negation of the fact that their marriage is fast approaching And still do not have an idea about what it takes a carry. When realization strikes, the smart and contemporary bride resorts to what we all do in times of crisis look online for ideas. If you are a bride to be, you are in the right place!

Best Indian bridal sarees:

The Muslim Bridal Look:

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This Muslim bride, with its golden jewelry and emeralds and rubies, can leave the crowd of guests amazed by its elegance and regularity. The fishing color of the outfit enhances embellishments and jewelry. Completely spellbinding! Read about Makeup Tips When You Wear a Coral Dress

The Bengali Bridal Look:

The Bengali Bridal Look, Indian Bridal Saree

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Oh beautiful and black beautiful Bong! Who can escape these mysterious big eyes and coyote smile – you can not help but love it! This Bengali bride is looking for breathtaking in her traditional benaroshi and mukut. We like!

The Christian Bridal Look:

The Christian Bridal Look, Indian Bridal saree

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The grace of this beautiful wife is enough to take his breath. Her necklace and lace gloves perfectly complement her pretty wedding dress. Simply stunning!

Gujarati Bridal Look:

Gujarati Bridal Look, Indian Bridal Look

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This pretty Gujarati bride is looking incredible in her tasseled lehenga. Not many can rock three colors in the same outfit with so much momentum! I love the way she wears the kalire Punjabi with her bracelets.

The Rajasthani Bridal Look:

The Rajasthani Bridal Look, Indian Bridal Saree

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Rajasthan is the state of colors and sparkles and amazing ethnic jewelry. Look at this pretty bride Rajasthani. Her bridal jewelry, especially her neckpiece, is the ultimate showstopper.

South Indian Bridal Look:

South Indian Bridal Look, Indian Bridal Saree

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Southern brides from India are known to wear beautiful Kanjeevaram saris on their wedding day. They wear traditional gold jewelry and complete the look with flowers in their hair.

The Punjabi Bridal Look:

The Punjabi Bridal Look, Indian Bridal Saree

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Oh, the glamor of this beautiful bride! She totally swings this hot pink, gold-embroidered lehenga. Her eye makeup was done exceptionally well, and her maika tika perfectly complements her costume.

The Kashmiri Bridal Look:


The Kashmiri Bridal Look, Indian Bridal Saree

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We all know that women in Kashmir are extremely beautiful. The natural blushing of their cheeks can put any blush from shop bought to shame! Here we have a very pretty cashmere bride that swings a yellow and orange lehenga. It’s gold jewelry perfectly complements its golden tarang.

Kerala Bridal Look:

Kerala Bridal Look, Indian Bridal Saree

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If I have to use a word to describe this bride, it would be – gorgeous! It’s silk sari and gold jewelry are traditional, but chic. That’s ten out of ten!

Manipuri Bridal Look:

Manipuri Bridal Look, Indian Bridal Saree

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This is the traditional costume of a Manipuri bride. Her hairstyle and jewels are very pretty, and her veil has been put in a different way. The black blouse highlights its gold jewelry.


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