Health benefits of horse gram

Health benefits of horse gram

Horse gram can best be described as the reddish-brown legume which is packed with the number of health benefits. Some of its health benefits of horse gram are discussed below.

Health benefits of horse gram

It can help with the number of health problems as it is the grain which contains a good and rich amount of vitamins, proteins, and iron. In addition to the weight loss, it helps in the reduction of extra fat from the body. Horse gram is rich in B-complex vitamin and proteins. It helps in purifying the menstruation and cures and prevents arthritis. The presence of the good amount of dietary fiber in gram helps to balance sugar glucose and the blood pressure levels.

Health benefits of horse gramHelps to relieve from menstrual problems

It is believed that the horse gram contains a number of curative properties which help to deal with the menstruation problems. Women who are experiencing the irregular periods, as well as excessive bleeding, can consume the horse gram water on a regular basis or have the option of adding horse gram soup or sprouts to their everyday diet. Ayurveda advises women to take 1 small teaspoon of horse gram powder in the morning.

Eliminates the kidney stones

Kidney stones can be painful and are caused due to the deposit of oxalate. Therefore, it is recommended that the person suffering from the kidney stones should consumer low dosages of calcium and phosphorus. Here are 6 expert tips to treat and prevent kidney stones.

  1. Soak 4 teaspoons of horse gram in 4 approximately 1.5 cups of water overnight and then drink the water on an empty stomach, first thing in 4 mornings.
  2. Now add another 1.5 cups of water and keep it. Have this water in 4 afternoons. Repeat the pattern and drink the same water in the evening too.
  3. This practice, if followed for around 2 to 3 months, will help to completely eliminate the kidney stones.
  4. The reason horse gram is so effective is because it contains diuretic properties which help to dissolve the kidney stones treatment. Prevention is better than cure.

Keeps cold at bay

Horse gram has an ability to warm the body, therefore in northern India, it is usually eaten during the winters. It also has the ability to keep away from cold conditions like running nose and sneezing.

Protects against diabetes

Unprocessed raw horse gram seeds contain beneficial anti-hyperglycemic properties that help in the reduction of insulin resistance. Therefore, horse gram has been the recommended food for the diabetics. A comparative study between the horse gram seeds and sprouts reveal that the seeds have benefits that would serve hyperglycemic individuals over the horse gram sprouts.

Horse gram seeds possess the rich content of polyphenols, flavonoids, and proteins, the main anti-oxidants, which are mostly the present in fruits. Therefore, a few of main benefits which are associated with the consuming horse gram are:

Health benefits of horse gramHorse gram can be mixed with the asafoetida, dry ginger and a pinch of ‘veed salt’ to help to treat stomach pain to provide immediate relief.

Other benefits if horse gram

  • Incorporating horse gram in diet will help to relieve pain from dry piles.
  • For women, intake of horse gram helps in purifying during the menstrual cycle.
  • Horse gram might not be invited by the sound of it but its qualities are unquestionably magnificent. It is:
  • high in iron, calcium, and protein. In fact, horse gram has the highest calcium content among pulses and is one of the richest vegetarian sources of the protein
  • low in fat and high in carbohydrate content
  • low in lipid and sodium content and its slow edible starch make ideal for diabetic and obesity patients
  • Eating ample horse gram can actually help in the management of obesity as it has an ability to attack fatty tissue, thanks to its phenol content.
  • Horse gram also has the aptitude to generate heat and energy in the system and therefore keeps you warm on the cold winter day.
  • I am sure horse gram is starting to become the friend by now. Let us take a look at what a good friend it is for the planet too, with a few facts about its green power.

Food or medicine?

Health benefits of horse gramRaw horse gram is mainly rich in the polyphenols, flavonoids and proteins, the major anti-oxidants. In other words, it can keep the body young and vibrant! What is more, scientists from an Indian Institute of Chemical Technology have found that the unprocessed, raw horse gram seeds have the ability to decrease the high blood sugar following a meal, by slowing down carbohydrate digestion and tumbling insulin confrontation. This makes it an extra diabetic-friendly food.

The health benefits of horse gram seem to be numerous. Just name the health problem and ‘kollu-power’ will work for it. Traditional medicinal texts describe its use for asthma, bronchitis, leucoderma, urinary discharge, kidney stones, and heart disease. Ayurvedic cuisine also recommends horse gram for persons suffering from jaundice or water preservation. Rheumatism, worms, conjunctivitis, and piles are also said to draw back before the power of horse gram.

Health benefits of horse gramConclusion:

Horse gram has astringent and diuretic properties. It is also beneficial for extracting the phlegm and controlling fever and cholesterol levels. According to some of the studies, the lipid extracts of horse gram are beneficial for treating peptic ulcers, and it is said these magic legumes can lessen flatulence and control a variety of menstrual problems. Horse gram made into the semi-liquid solution will help to reduce and prevent gas and flatulence.

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