Top 10 foods that can protect from cancer

Top 10 foods that can protect from cancer

Cancer has quickly became an extremely common place these days, and with the number of people suffering from disease growing, it seems prevention is best strategy can employ. So to help out, here are top 10 foods that should include into the diet to keep cancer at bay. Read on foods that fight cancer.

Top 10 foods that can protect from cancer

Top 10 foods that can protect from cancer

Top 10 Cancer fighting foods

Tulsi and mint leaves:

Both these Tulsi and mint leaves have powerful antioxidant properties that help to protect from cancer causing oxidative stress. All need to do is have about 5 leaves of basil and mint every day. Even can add it to the favourite chutneys to give that all important anti – oxidant enhance.


Although this root has number of health benefits, one of most important ones is its ability to enhance the immune system and to fight the oxidative process. All need to do is add a pinch of turmeric to the daily meals to stay safe.

Beans and nuts:

Both these common additions to most meals have properties that help to prevent the growth and spreading of tumours. Apart from that they also help to strengthen the immune system and protect from cancer. Just add some nuts and beans to the daily diet and keep yourself from the cancer.


Packed with an essential vitamins and minerals such as iron, nitates and betacin, beetroots help to keep healthy. But apart from that the vegetable also has very potent antioxidant properties that help to keep breast cancer and formation of tumour at cove.


Packed with an antioxidant properties and are known to protect the body not only cancer, but also from heart disease and other degenerative disorders. What is more study found dry roasted peanuts were much more healthy than raw peanuts. So snack on some peanuts in between the meals to help keep feeling full and healthy.


Known to protect from cervical cancer, potatoes are great to help to keep safe from the cancer. Do not shun them just because to fear piling on hammers. Eat potatoes on moderation instead.

Black grapes:

This form of grapes contains a compound called an enthocynines that help to deactivate the cancer progression process. The compound also helps to stimulate the production of certain compounds in body that have a protective property. Known to be perfect help to protect against the breast cancer, having only about 250 grms of these grapes go a long way in protecting from cancer.


This common vegetable has potent properties that help to protect from prostate cancer (That occurs only in men . Although not a vegetable that everyone likes, cauliflower is perfect addition to the meal to help to keep safe from cancer.


Another fruit that has potent anti – oxidative properties, pineapple consumed in any form can help to keep cancer at cove. Choose to have the fruit as a part of salad or as a juice to give yourself that daily an antioxidant enhance.


White button mushrooms have been found to have about 12% higher amounts of antioxidants in them as compared to other foods. This property makes them perfect to protect from dreaded disease.

Top 10 foods that can protect from cancer

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