Top six reasons why we should practice deep breathing

Top six reasons why we should practice deep breathing

When you are in doubt, take a deep breath. Breathing is one of most natural activities we do, but rarely do we become conscious of it. Practising deep breathing has numerous health benefits, and here are just some of them.

Benefits of deep breathing

Top six reasons why we should practice deep breathing

Removes toxins:

Deep breathing can help to eliminate the toxins from the body. In fact, breathing is one of ways in which the body rids itself of unnecessary toxins along with the urine, faeces and sweat.

Releases stress:

If you are stressed out? Take minute or two to switch you off, and just breathe deeply. Breathing deeply would help the mind focus better and get rid of all the stress that have. In fact, deep breathing is an integral part of most meditation techniques around the world.

Improves immunity:

Just like an apple, practising deep breathing can also keep doctor away. A study published in annals of New York Academy of Science showed that deep breathing helped to increase the amount of natural killer cells in cancer patients. It is also good way to oppose those desires.

Gives glowing skin:

Breathing deeply helps in increasing the flow of blood and oxygen to the face, and helps in making of collagen. This keeps the face glowing and helps to delay the signs of ageing like wrinkles.

Keeps you happy:

Deep breathing helps in release of serotonin, which is a hormone that helps to regulate the mood.

Helps to quit from smoking:

Breathing deeply can help to quit from smoking. Practicing breathing exercises like pranayam and sudarshan kriya helped to reduce the consumption of tobacco.

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