Top 10 Effective Foods To Treat Chikungunya

Foods To Treat Chikungunya

Chikungunya is one of the viral infection. It has caused because of mosquito bit & the Chikungunya symptoms involve a headache, fever, chFoods To Treat Chikungunyaills, rashes, swollen joints, etc. If this infection has not treated in time then chikungunya can fix to be lethal and therefore proper medical treatment is the must and should for the person who was suffering from the fatal disease. In addition to the healthcare, healthy diet also plays a crucial role in the treatment of Chikungunya. In case, there are some foods which assist in the treatment of Chikungunya. Explained below are some such foods which are beneficial in the treatment of Chikungunya.

10 best  Foods To Treat Chikungunya

Coconut Water

Coconut water aids in detoxification .It includes essential minerals like potassium & is known to help combat diseases & infections. It is the good to in place of food &, so, must be eaten in case of viral infections as well. So drink coconut water every day.


Apples have very less cholesterol & are rich in the fibers. They have a calming effect on the digestive system &, therefore, must eat daily. Apples comprise a compound called ‘quercetin’ which improves immunity. Consume fresh apples or one can have fresh apple juice.

Green Leafy Vegetables

Green leafy vegetables have extremely few calories & get digested quickly &, therefore, must be the part of the diet. They include vitamins & minerals which assist in increasing the free power of the body & aid combat infections like chikungunya better.


Plantains which are of the banana family give more energy & less of sugar. These are the rich source of fibers &, therefore, are excellent for the digestive system. Plantains should, therefore, be the part of the diet to combat chikungunya.

Foods To Treat ChikungunyaFoods Rich In Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Omega 3 fatty acids as brain booster aids in enhancing the immunity of the body & help combat infections better. One can add pulses, flax seeds walnuts, etc. those are the rich source of omega three fatty acids.

Soups & Semi-Liquid Diet

Add soups of vegetables such as tomato soup to your regular diet. You can also choose for the semi-liquid food like lentils. Include food which has more water content & is simple to digest. One can mix rice & yellow lentils. Combine salt and cook it in water to make the porridge which is easy to digest.

Foods Rich On Zinc

Increase consumption of foods which are rich in zinc as it assists to keep the body well and helps combat microbial attacks by improving the immune power. Add pomegranates, soy, avocados, etc. In the diet to prevent chikungunya because they are the rich source of zinc.

Foods Rich In Vitamin C

Vitamin C is known to increase the resistant power of the body & supports to keep it healthy. Hence, foods that are the rich source of vitamin C should be part of your diet. But through doing so keep away from the citrus fruits (e.g., oranges & watermelons). Choose for other foods that are the rich source of vitamin C such as kiwi, guava, broccoli, etc.

Foods Rich In Vitamin E

Vitamin E is also good for the overall health of the body and helps keep infections at bay and hence should have included in the diet. Vitamin E rich foods are wheat, nuts, tropical fruits, etc.

Foods Rich In Selenium

Selenium is a bit mineral which is the must if you wish to retain infections like chikungunya away. Brown rice, brazil nuts, chia seeds, button mushrooms, cabbage, etc. all these are rich sources of the selenium.

Try adding foods that aid improves the immune system of the body & help in combating infections better & they should also be simple to digest. Proper treatment & a strict diet will assist in getting rid of the terrible disease.

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