Tomatoes – Natural remedy for good vision

Tomatoes – Natural remedy for good vision

Everyone knows that the oranges, yellow and red colored fruits and vegetables are good for the vision. The red and round tomatoes that add taste, color and flavor to almost every Indian dishes are packed with many health benefits. This Tomatoes – Natural remedy for good vision, healthy food is known to contain various essential nutrients that lowers your risk of cataracts, macular degeneration i.e., eye disorder causing loss of vision in old age and diabetic retinopathy i.e., eye damage caused due to the diabetes.

Nutrients in tomatoes good for vision

Lycopene is a compound present in tomatoes that gives red color to fruit plays an important role in protecting the eyes from harmful UV radiations of sun and high energy visible light.

Tomatoes – Natural remedy for good vision

Vitamin E

Vitamin E in tomatoes helps in maintaining the good eyesight throughout your life preventing damage of retina is inner lining of the eye.

Vitamin C

These fruits also contain high amounts of vitamin C that helps in reducing risk of cataracts and macular degeneration later in life.


The presence of other nutrients like folates and beta-carotenes in tomatoes helps in prevention of night blindness along with the improving vision.

Note: Tomatoes can be consumed raw or in the form of soups or as ketchups as they exert same effect in maintaining the healthy vision.

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