Calorie count of your favourite chicken biryani

Calorie count of your favourite chicken biryani

Every one love biryani, does not we? This North Indian dish, chicken biryani, makes use of some of most exotic and flavorful spices in the world. Even though, it may not be very wise to spoil in it, especially if you are watching your weight, as the dish combines the chicken and rice with rich seasonings which make it the high-calorie item. Here we discussed about the Calorie count of your favourite chicken biryani. According to world’s first Indian nutrition tracker, one katori of chicken biryani contains as much as 256.8 calories. Find the calorie count of all your favourite chicken dishes here.

Chicken biryani Recipe

Chicken biryani tossed in ghee and stuffed with cashew nuts and meat makes it rich in both protein and fat. Make sure you do not have the dish too frequently, especially if you are fat or have a cholesterol problem. The high amount of saturated fats in biryani can also cause a spike in your blood sugar levels. The spices added to the biryani may also lead to acidity and heartburn.

Calorie count of your favourite chicken biryaniOn the other hand, chicken alone can offer many health benefits. Being rich in protein, it helps to maintain strong bones. Also, vitamin B6 present in chicken can improve your body metabolism. Chicken also contains selenium, which can improve your immune system and also maintain an activity of the thyroid hormones.

It, therefore, becomes extremely important to watch the ingredients that go into the biryani. Here are some tips to make the biryani healthier.

You can make the dish healthy by using minimum oil and spices.

Also, make use of brown rice instead of white rice as it will not cause any fluctuations in your blood sugar levels.Try and avoid adding ghee to your biryani as it makes the dish richer in fat.

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