Tips To Get Rid Of Dark Lips Naturally

    tips to get rid of dark lips naturally

    Tips To Get Rid Of Dark Lips Naturally

    Pink soft lips are something that every women would die for. Beautiful lips make the smile even more pretty. But dark lips and pigmentation has become the constant problem. Excess tea or coffee intake, sun exposure and neglect leads to the pigmentation. Smoking also leads to this condition. Apart from using expensive lip scrubs and peels, you can make some easy lip packs yourself to remove those dark and ugly pigmentation. Let us see what all natural things and ideas work on as an answer to how these tips to get rid of dark lips naturally.

    Here are some tips and recipes you should follow to lighten the dark lips:

    Keep your body hydrated:

    Do not just stick to topical treatments always. It is needed to take care of the health to achieve beautiful lips along with topical applications. Hydrate your body by drinking at least 8 to 10 glasses of water everyday in order to stay away from dehydration that causes dark lips.

    A beetroot slice:

    tips to get rid of dark lips naturallySlice a red beetroot and store pieces in the refrigerator. Simply massage the lips with a juicy piece in your leisure time. Sit with the beetroot slice in your hand whenever your watch television.This would do the trick. It would remove tan from lips naturally and colors up your lip too. Pink lips are all yours in few days.

    Observe your lip products:

    It might be cheap and allergic lip products that giving you dark lips. Avoid using local brands and wholesale lip products on your lips. Use a mild herbal 
lip balm instead to achieve soft tan free lips. Using fresh pureed fruits as lip masks works incredibly in removing sun tan and pigmentation. So, welcome fruits in your regular lip care routine.

    Almond Oil:

    Apply almond oil on your lips before bedtime as this helps to lighten lips, thus reducing discoloration.

    Cucumber Juice:

    Daily application of cucumber juice would also help to lighten dark lips.

    Just follow these tips to get rid of dark lips naturally. Also don’t miss our article on how to avoid getting dark lips.

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