Tips To Fix Discoloured Lips

Tips To Fix Discoloured Lips

Have your lips become dark? If yes, you may be tensed whether you would be able to get back those lovely pink lips again. Discoloured lips can be owing to poor hygiene habits or unhealthy routine.

Sometimes your lips might get darkened, discoloured and dull due to a variety of causes. But fuss not, as we here to help you with these tips to fix discoloured lips in our post today.

Ways to prevent Dark Lips

To decrease the chances of forming dark lips, you should avoid taking hot foods and beverages. Plus, do not make tea or coffee in excess.

Hit the habit of regularly licking & biting the lips so as to avoid dark, swollen, and chapped lips.

Defend the lips from harmful rays of a sun by choosing lipsticks, lip glosses, or lip balms. Avoid wearing shiny & bright lip glosses as they lead to improving the chances of sun damage by directing the sunlight the mouth.

As nutritional deficiencies can cause dark lips, it is necessary to take the healthy diet consisting of essential vitamins & minerals.

Tips To Fix Discoloured Lips

The article features the top 7 remedies to reduce discoloured lips, these are:

Tips To Fix Discoloured Lips

Rose Petals

Rose petals are one of the most effectual tips to fix discoloured lips. Take some of the fresh rose petals of rose and crush them. Now add few drops of glycerine and castor oil to it. Dab this mix on your discoloured lips.


Take the handful of saffron strands and mix them with a little yogurt and clarified butter. Apply this mixture on your lips to get rid of discoloration.


Almonds work wonder in treating discoloured lips. Soak some of peeled almonds in quarter cup of milk and leave it for overnight.

Next day mix together in the blender. Take this mixture and massage the lips for about five minutes. Repeat this after every fifteen minutes to get efficient outcome.


Lemon is the natural bleach and it is used to lighten the skin naturally. One of the many tips to fix discoloured lips is to rub the juice of the fresh lemon on your discoloured lips and leave it overnight.

This remedy not only helps to remove the dark spots on your lips but it also keeps your lips soft.


Cucumber is also very useful among the many ways to fix discoloured lips. Cucumber is also well-known for its bleaching properties. Take the juice of cucumber and massage your lips with it.

This remedy helps to keep your lips soft like petals and also helps maintain their natural colour.

Aloe Vera

If you want to know how to correct the discoloured lips in the simplest way, one of the answer is : ‘Aloe Vera’. Apply the aloe vera gel on the discoloured lips every day. This remedy will help you to get back the natural shade of your lips.

Honey And Sugar

The combo of honey and sugar works amazing in curing dark or discoloured lips. Take honey and sugar in equal quantity and dab this mixture on your lips as a scrub.


Not drinking sufficient water & constant whipping of the lips can cause the dehydration in the body. As much as dehydration attack the body & skin, it also strikes the lips through drying it out which effects are darkening after a though. We certainly need water to survive, but we are not drinking plenty of water. The suggested 2 to 3 liters of water could be taken during a day to hold us hydrated & healthy & our lips moisturized.


This is one of the primary cause of lip darkening that many of us know. Apart from an extensive list of problems linked to smoking, holding dark lips & teeth is a significant reason we should even stop for its physical. Its also recognized to cause the damaging results to the skin such as clear it out, making wrinkles around eyes & the mouth also.


Allergens in skin care products can give to blackened lips. These allergic reactions have caused by dyes or scents in the lip sticks & lip glosses. These actions can only prevent by eliminating the use of the product.

This remedy will help you regain your natural pink lips.

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The above are the Tips To Fix Discoloured Lips

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