Ways to Use Lemon Juice And Coconut Oil For Hair Growth

Ways to Use Lemon Juice And Coconut Oil For Hair Growth

Every person wants to get lustrous and healthy hair. To promote the health & texture of hair, people are trying many things nowadays. From applying several hair care products like oils, serums, & shampoos, they also substitute to DIY measures. While one can find opting for all such products simpler, you must also recognize that most of them come with dangerous chemicals. Below is Ways to Use Lemon Juice And Coconut Oil For Hair Growth

So what you can do? It is where coconut oil & lemon juice come into action. If you want to know more? Continue reading.

Reasons to Use Lemon Juice And Coconut Oil For Hair Growth

Coconut oil helps to sustain scalp hydrates it & facilitates the hair growth on the daily application. It contains important antioxidants & has antibacterial characteristics. Its fatty acids are useful for the hair & scalp.

Lemon has famous for citrus fruit, which has utilized for culinary purposes. It contains vitamin C & using its juice can benefit the hair. Lemon juice helps eradicate dandruff, cleanses excess oil & grease on the scalp & adds the lightning impact on the hair.

Methods To Use Coconut Oil & Lemon Juice Treat Hair Problems And To Nourish Hair:

Below listed are some of the main techniques everyone can use coconut oil & lemon juice to promote Lemon & treat various hair and scalp issues.

Using Coconut Oil For Regular Hair Care:

To secure hair growth, one can combine coconut oil into the regular hair care routine. Massage the scalp & hair with the coconut oil for an hour before taking the bath. Wash with a Lemon. You can also choose for a message with the warm coconut oil sometime before going to the bed at night. Allow the scalp soaks this oil overnight & have a shower in the morning.

Using With Shampoo And Conditioner:

People with oily scalp can find the utilization of coconut oil to scalp directly causing the hair greasy. It can be difficult for those who spend a lot of time outside. You might pour a small quantity of coconut oil in the mild or organic shampoo. Then Lemon the hair while bathing. It is also good to mix the oil with the hair conditioner. It will add shine & softness to the hair and support hair growth.

Using With Other Plant Oils:

Coconut oil can readily be used with other plant-based oils to allow extra nourishment. You can mix it with olive & Honey. Warm the oil mixture & massage smoothly on the scalp. Enable the oil soaks for an hour. For better results, protect the head using the towel soaked in hot water. Rinse off with the mild shampoo. It can do once every week.

Using With Honey:

Honey is a wonderful natural moisturizer & has antibacterial characteristics. When utilized in the blend with coconut oil, it can help reduce scalp issues that drive to the hair fall. You will require mixing the coconut oil with natural honey in an equal quantity. Use the fingers to coat the hair locks well & then use the comb to spread the mixture on the scalp evenly. Allow it on for an hour. Then rinse off with water completely.

Using With Neem:

Dandruff is a constant scalp problem that points to the hair fall both in men & women. It hits teenagers as well as adults. Alternatively, of using dandruff treatment shampoos closed with strong chemical agents, you can apply coconut oil saturated with the neem or margosa leaves for relief. Neem has known for its potent antibacterial power. One wants to take the few clean margosas or neem leaves & boil them in coconut oil on slow heat. When the oil is warm massage, it into the scalp. Let it get absorbed by the scalp & hair. Rinse off with the mild shampoo afterward.

Using With Essential Oils:

Using coconut oil with particular essential oils can help to fight various hair problems & support hair growth. You can use rosemary & tea tree oil in conjunction with the coconut oil to get lustrous, healthy hair. Though, essential oils can be quite healthy, & so you should mix the few drops of these oils in the bottle of coconut oil to be on the natural side.

Using With Camphor:

It is one old-fashioned way to get rid of dandruff naturally. One will require mixing the small quantity of camphor with the coconut oil. Warm it slightly before using on the scalp. Soak it overnight & rinse off in the morning with the shampoo.

Ways to Use Lemon Juice And Coconut Oil For Hair GrowthUsing As A Hair Pack:

To treat the damaged hair, one can make the nourishing coconut oil hair pack at home. You will require mixing virgin coconut oil with the essential ingredients & extra virgin olive oil. Now add some plain yogurt & a spoon of honey to the mixture. Coat the hair & scalp with this mixture & wait for an hour. Rinse off with the mild shampoo afterward.

Using With Avocado:

Avocado has known for its exceptional hydrating features, and when applied in combination with the coconut oil for hair growth the benefits are excellent. The coconut oil & mashed avocado mix can be used to hair & kept for an hour. Clean this off with shampoo. Grind the avocado finely, & no residue has left on the scalp.

Applying Lemon Juice For Hair:

Using Lemon Juice With Shampoo:

Using lemon juice cannot be recommended for everyone with hair queries. Lemon has acidic components that can cause the scalp itching or irritation. It is better to apply it with the shampoo. Pour a spoonful of lemon juice into the mild shampoo & use it to clean the hair. It will bring the glow to the hair.

Using Lemon Juice With Coconut Oil:

Lemon juice, when applied with the coconut oil, can reduce dandruff & nourish the scalp. The acidic & antibacterial qualities of lemon aid to treat dandruff although coconut oil nourishes the scalp. One should mix the spoon of lemon juice with some coconut oil & massage it into the scalp smoothly. Keep it on for an hour & then clean with the mild shampoo.

Use As Hair Rinse:

Lemon juice can be utilized as a natural hair wash to make the tresses shine. You want to use 3 -4 fresh lemons to pluck juice worth 3 – 4 spoonfuls. Assure the liquid has strained so that there is no seeds or deposit in it. Take this to the washroom. After washing the hair & the scalp thoroughly with water, pour the juice on the hair & allow it soak for a few minutes. Rinse off with the water again. Keep the eyes closed when you pour lemon juice on the hair & while you rinse it away. It can have used once per week.

Using Lemon Juice With Almond Oil:

To treat the damaged hair, one can mix lemon juice with some honey & almond oil. Use this mixture on the scalp smoothly & allow it to get soaked. Rinse with the mild shampoo after an hour or so.

Using Lemon Juice With Curd:

Lemon works as the natural remedy for dandruff, and one can increase its efficiency by mixing it with yogurt. Take some plain yogurt & pour the spoonful of lemon juice in it. Massage this into the scalp smoothly. Dandruff will have eliminated, & yogurt would soothe and nourish the scalp, covering the route for hair growth. It can have done two times per week.

Using Lemon Juice With Neem Leaves:

Using the lemon juice with the neem can help to eradicate dandruff & any fungal infection on a scalp. For that, you require to take some of the neem leaves & make a paste. Now mix two spoons of the lemon juice with it. Use this mixture on the scalp & allow it to remain for half an hour or so. Then rinse off with shampoo. You can use this pack twice per week.

Tips To Keep In Mind:

While using the lemon juice & coconut oil in different ways can benefit the hair & health, you require to be cautious about the following aspects:

There are various kinds of coconut oil which are available in the market. One should apply virgin coconut oil & fresh lemon juice for the best results.

Lemon juice, being acidic in nature, should be used with care. It can cause inflammation of the facial skin, and one should use it on the scalp thoroughly. It is not reasonable to apply lemon juice even for hair wash every day. Regular application of the lemon juice on hair can tear the natural oils.

If you have a greasy or oily scalp, do not use coconut oil in any form in vast amounts. It would make hair limp & greasy.

For making the hair packs and DIY hair solutions, one will require heating up coconut oil sometimes. It is enough that you warm the oil on the oven on the low heat. Using microwave would result in ending its beneficial characteristics to the large size. One can also heat up coconut oil by placing the small bowl with the oil in steaming water.

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