Tips to Keep White Clothes White?

Tips to Keep White Clothes White?

No one likes or for that matter looks good in very dingy white clothes. To look dull, grey, or yellowed does not give a good appearance.

Washing White Clothes to Keep Them White

  • The first step is to sort out the while clothes in the laundry. This will help from preventing color bleeding and thus spoiling the white fabric on account of other colored clothes.
  • One must not overload the washer. Make use of sufficient water to cleanse them.
  • Select of a detergent that contains optical brighteners. It is important as it brightens the white fabric. The clothes do appear whiter than ever. The brighteners do bend the UV light waves to showcase the blue light and also minimize the amount of yellow light on one’s eye thus making the fabrics appear whiter.
  • In case one feels one’s detergent is not doing a good job then one can add 1/2 cup borax or even 1 cup of baking soda to each wash load.
  • Make use of the hottest water that is recommended for the fabric in order to help remove the body oils and also the grime that can make the fabric very dull.
  • Treat the stains immediately.
  • Avoid commercial fabric softeners which tend to leave residue on white fabrics that indeed may contain soil. Add 1 cup of distilled white vinegar to get rid of the dullness.
  • Check out the clothes when they come out of the washer. Never try to dry a garment on the very high heat that still contains a stain. It can rather become permanent. Get back and wash again.
  • Dry the white clothing as well as fabrics outside if that is possible. The ultraviolet ray from the bright sun does help to brighten up the white garment.
  • If drying with an automatic dryer then one must choose a lower heat setting and also remove the clothes while they are still a bit slightly damp and air dry. Excessive heat can actually cause stains and also make the residual soil to yellow.
  • Check out the iron settings and also avoid heat that is too high. Clothes can scorch up and that is very difficult to remove indeed.

More Tips for Keeping Clothes White

  • If one’s washer is not clean, then one’s white clothing will not be clean. One must keep one’s washer clean. Clean up the washer thoroughly at least every three months.
  • Use less amount of laundry detergent. Excess detergent can also remain in the fibers and attract soil. One needs only 2 teaspoons of liquid laundry detergent in a rather high-efficiency washer.
  • If one can make use of chlorine bleach to whiten up the natural fabrics such as cotton. Be sure you use it properly. Adding bleach with detergent does counteract the effectiveness and overuse can lead to.
  • In case one has hard water in one’s area then one must invest in a water softening system or even add a water softener to the laundry load. The minerals in hard water will actually get deposited on one’s whites and thus make them look dull.
  • Launder or dry clean the white garments after every wear even if they appear clean. Body oils, as well as perspiration, can quickly turn a garment yellow. Purchase washable white garments to avoid spending on dry cleaning.

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