How to Grow Taller after Puberty?

    How to Grow Taller after Puberty?

    It is a rather relatively known fact that after 18 or seventeen after puberty boys and girls do not grow height-wise. While it sure slows down but it is not true that it stops completely. Your height can very much grow even after puberty is over. It is true. Although being too tall is awkward indeed but yet one must gain reasonable height and not look like a dwarf. Height is always associated with self-confidence. Now it is not necessary for you to be of extremely tall height but a height below average is also not preferable. There are some pretty simple ways out there to increase your height after puberty. Here are some of those:

    Eating choices

    How to grow taller during teenage ages?

    One gets one’s nutrition from food. During puberty such as the food is digested fast in growth hormones. It is important to have a proper diet. One must take dairy supplements and have all the required vitamins and minerals that a body needs to develop itself. Food must contain:

    • Vitamin B1
    • Vitamin D
    • Zinc
    • Phosphorus
    • Calcium


    One ten to skip breakfast many a time and this is not at all advisable. One must also burn one’s fat by eating right and with adequate exercise. Breakfast is considered to be the first meal of the day. It should promote metabolism. Breakfast usually increases one’s metabolism and helps in increasing one’s height.


    Stretching on a bar is good and daily yoga routine is also advised. Exercise tends to open up muscle pores and thus helps in increasing one’s height.

    Adequate Sleep

    Growth hormones are released while one is sleeping so adequate sleep is essential. One must get 8 hours of deep sleep which is useful for repair as well as regeneration.

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    Basketball, badminton as well as swimming have much in common as they do help one gain height.


    For better metabolism, one must drink plenty of water. One assimilates one’s nutrients slowly and also remain hydrated at all times.


    It is important to maintain good posture and avoid pressurizing the spinal cord. One must walk with one’s head aligned with one’s spine.

    No Alcohol or Smoking

    Drinking alcohol affects one’s physical growth. It is better to avoid these substances which are harmful to the body system. The hormonal system must stay in good order.

    Body Mass Index

    One must keep one’s weight in check. Obesity also slows one’s metabolism and fat people look shorter than they actually are. Losing weight and also maintaining it is necessary.

    Health is wealth and every teenager wants to grow tall and look good. Boys like to gain height and also develop body muscles. Exercise and good food are a must and one must incorporate these into one’s daily routine.

    One must go in for exercises that help one grow tall. One must play such games which involve stretching of the body. Apart from body height, one must also develop muscles so adequate nutrients in one’s diet are a must.

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