These Habits Can Damage Your Heart

These Habits Can Damage Your Heart

These Habits Can Damage Your Heart

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Our heart is one of the most hard working and very important organs in the body. It pumps oxygenated blood to all organs of our body. Heart health is very important to maintain overall health.

There are many habits that cause heart disease. Some lifestyle habits are not good for the heart. They include smoking, alcohol consumption, lack of exercise, having foods rich in bad cholesterol, not having fiber rich green vegetables or fruits, having processed foods & so on.

Though, apart from these habits, there are some more habits of yours’ that can affect the heart health.

Here are some habits that cause heart disease.


The power of positive thinking has the beneficial effect on the body. Recent studies have linked a positive mind-set to the healthier heart and lower risk of disease. Try seeing the glass as half full, particularly when it comes to the health. This will make you live a happier & healthier life.


The Danger Of the Passive Smoking Passive smoke can cause more damage to the health than active smoking. Stay away from people when they smoke. There are an surplus of 7000 chemicals, hundreds of which have toxic properties that can & will hurt the health.

Neglecting Brushing the Teeth

This might astonish you but heart health is linked to the health of the teeth also. Your teeth play a much larger role in overall health than you might think. The act of brushing & flossing frequently ensures a lot more than cleaning the oral cavity and teeth. It can protect you from bacterial infections of the mouth that can attack your heart. So, maintain proper oral hygiene for a healthy heart.

Poor Sleep schedule

This is one of the habits that cause heart disease. Sleeping too much or too little can be terrible for the health. A research has shown that insufficient or extreme amounts of sleep can affect the release of hormones in the body. If there is hormone inequity in the body, it can pose serious threats to the health such as heart disease, heart attack, obesity, & stroke. You must have 8 hours of sound night sleep.

These Habits Can Damage Your HeartStress and anger

One of the most shocking things about negative heart habits is the fact that they do not have to be completely physical. As sleep and hygiene are very important, there are other factors such as stress and anger that are without warning harmful for you. A research shows that those who experience sudden outbursts of anger are much more prone to heart disease. Try relaxing and calming the emotions often to protect your heart. This can be one of the cause of heart attack and stroke.

 High Risk Pregnancy

Pregnancy by itself is a stressful and dangerous venture for many women. Those who have had a coma or attack during the pregnancy are twice as likely to develop some form of heart disease. Stay mindful of any difficulties you may have experienced during pregnancy & ask the physician whether or not they inflict a risk for future heart issues.

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