Cystitis- Inflammation of bladder

Cystitis- Inflammation of bladder

 Cystitis is a bacterial infection of the urethra and urinary bladder. Urinary infection is more prevalent in females than in males. Bacteria get attached to the inner lining of the walls of the bladder with the help thread like structures called as pili. They cause inflammation of the bladder wall and therefore cause uneasy and irritation in the lower abdomen. Read about Cystitis- Inflammation of bladder

Causes for Cystitis- Inflammation of bladder


Cystitis- Inflammation of bladderIn females cystitis is quite common and every female at least once suffers from cystitis. There are many reasons for the infection. The following are reasons:

  • Not maintaining a proper hygiene.
  • Sexually active women who use diaphragm for contraception purpose, using of tampons and urinary catheter
  • If urinary bladder is not completely emptied there is quite good chance of cystitis infection, it is commonly seen in pregnant women
  • Frequent and vigorous unhygienic sexual intercourse that may cause damage or bruising which increases the chances of infection.
  • Menopause women are at higher risk due to less production of mucus which helps in control of the bacteria.

Cystitis- Inflammation of bladderMales

Cystitis is not common, if happens it causes serious illness. It may be sometimes a symptom for more severe infections like prostate infection, prostate cancer or enlarged prostate. Homosexual men are more prone than heterosexual men. If left untreated it causes severe damage to urinary bladder, kidneys and prostate.

Symptoms for Cystitis- Inflammation of bladder

  • Severe pain in lower abdomen and lower back
  • Frequent urination and urge to urinate
  • Very little passage of urine
  • Urine is thick, cloudy or turbid. Sometimes traces of blood is seen
  • Burning sensation when urinating
  • Strong and foul smell of urine
  • Low fever

Diagnosis for Cystitis- Inflammation of bladder

Urine infection can be diagnosed by testing of urine sample from the patient. Testing usually includes culturing of urine sample for any bacterial growth, blood cell count, quantification of various compounds in urine like nitrites etc.

Treatment and prevention fro Cystitis- Inflammation of bladder

Treatment includes use of antibiotics as prescribed by physician. Completion of the prescribed antibiotics course is important since recurring of infection can be possible and treatment will be more difficult later.
Cystitis- Inflammation of bladder

  • Drinking excess water and juices rich in ascorbic acid helps in a quick recover.
  • If have an urge of urinating don’t postpone and go straight away.
  • Keeping private parts clean and dry always and especially after sex
  • Emptying bladder after sex without postponing


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