5 Harmful Effects Of Watching TV

Harmful effects of watching TV

5 Harmful Effects Of Watching TV

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No one has still claimed that the watching Television can make a person hale & hearty. A jumble of recent studies has claimed that more the  person watches TV, the more he or she is likely to have the swarm of health problems. We do not want to accept reality nevertheless television screening for long hours can put a person’s health at risk & can even cause death at an early age.

Trying to spend more hours at the time viewing television can definitely hurt your health over a period of time. Watching 2 to 6 episodes of a show in one go, also known as spree watching pretences many health risks as remaining chair bound for long hours of time can indisputably lead to weight gain & heart disease.

Here are some of health and harmful effects of watching TV & how it is connected with few physical and mental problems.

Increased Risk Of Type-2 Diabetes

 If a person is sticked to the tube for over 2 hours per day, there are chances of him or her developing type 2 diabetes. It has been suggested that the risk of getting type 2 diabetes improves by around 20 percent. Cutting back on TV watching can decrease the risk of not only type 2 diabetes but also the risk of premature mortality.


A variety of studies have exposed that watching television is connected to weight gain & obesity. It is no secret that the TV watching is tied to obesity. Inactive lifestyle can have a important impact on the health because you expend less energy when you are drooping down in the chair than when you are on the feet or just walking around.

Mood Disorders

Sleep is significant because it allows the brain to recover from the obstinacy of the day. At night, as watching TV in a softly lit room, the exposure to the glowing TV screen might on time changes in the brain which finally brings about mood disorders such as depression.

Experts believe that watching late night Television can leave viewers in the state of physiological stimulation. It can keep the viewers in a state of sharp alertness which prevents them to fall asleep with ease.

Damaged Brain

Harmful effects of watching TV Watching too much of the television would change the structure of the kid’s brain in a unhelpful way. Researchers have found that children’s long-lasting television viewing can cause weighty alterations in brain. According to a Japanese study conducted with the 276 children (age groups 13 and 18) the MRI brain scans of kids had improved amounts of old matter around the front polor cortex. This proves the negative health effects of watching TV as it shows lower verbal intelligence.

Sperm Count Gets Depleted

spree watching frequently have considerable crash on men’s fertility. Men who have the habit of extensive over the couch for 20 hours watching television will have less sperm count than those who watched less of it. Men who took time to exercise for 15 hours in 5 weeks had 73 % higher sperm count than those who watched TV.

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