Swine flu and their Preventions

Swine flu and their Preventions

The swine flu virus are discussing here is the 2009 ‘H1N1’ type. A flu, a human disease. It is zoonotic disease which originally was spread from pigs to humans and now flu is spreading from one human to another. Continue to read regarding swine flu Prevention.

Swine flu Prevention

The symptoms of swine flu are very alike to regular flu and consist of fever, diarrhoea, chills and headaches, oughing & sneezing. One can prevent disease by maintaining basic hygiene and wearing proper surgical mask during flu season. The number of cases shoots up during the summers and monsoon seasons. There are various vaccines available to conflict the disease and anti – viral treatments for prevention as well. One should still only use these medicines under a doctors supervision as random use may result in vulnerability to the virus.

How to prevent swine flu

Just like other infection viruses, ‘H1N1’ infection can be prevented by practicing basic sanitation and hygiene. Here are few tips to prevent swine flu:Swine flu and their Preventions

  • Wear proper surgical mask during flu season because the number of cases discharges up during the summers and monsoon seasons.
  • Always cover the face while coughing or sneezing. Make sure others around also follow the same practice, especially if they are down with cold.
  • Avoid touching the eyes, nose or mouth too frequently
  • Always wash the hands before and after eating and particularly after returning from public place.
  • Remember, the virus can also spread through drips that have settled on surfaces so avoid touching them if you are around the person who has flu like symptoms.
  • Avoid often visiting unhygienic places or using public restrooms.
  • If you are in a city or area is swine – flu prevalent, wear standard swine flu mask while going out in the public places, the H-95 mask which is wear by nurses and doctors while collecting the samples from swine flu victims .
  • Normal surgical masks which sell like hot cakes during swine flu season may not give enough protection.
  • If you develop flu like symptoms or even feel sick, stay at home and take enough rest. Keeping away from others to prevent the spread of the infection.
  • Drinking lots of warm water and liquids wash off the virus into the stomach where they cannot survive.

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Swine flu and their Preventions

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