Summer safety tips for kids

Summer safety tips for kids

Summer days are long and nights are short. Schools have closed and the kids are at home , full of energy , racing outdoors and exposing themselves to number of dangers like bug bites, minor injuries and summer borne diseases.. Parents need to protect them by giving them healthy summer diet, allowing them to play outdoors, keeping them occupied and spending quality with them.

Important Summer safety tips for kids

One of the most important tips for kids during summer is to provide constant supervision whenever they go out of the house. It is surely a big responsibility but right decisions and proper planning can make it a pleasurable time.

Heat Exhaustion:

Kids need to be protected from the symptoms like nausea, vomiting, confusion and dizziness. These can be prevented by giving the child liquids and keeping him in a cool place. If the temperature rises above 103 degree F, consult the doctor immediately.

Dehydration can occur in extremely active kids. During exercise and staying outdoors give lots of water and other cold drinks. Juicy fruits like watermelon, lemon and oranges will help the kid’s body to combat dehydration.

Sun exposure

Kids must be limited from direct exposure to the sun

Dress kids in long sleeved, light weight clothes which will prevent their skin from direct exposure from the sun’s rays. Hats and sunglasses will prevent their eyes and face.

As far as possible the child must stay indoors or in the shade during the peak hours of the sun i.e. between 11am -4 pm. Try to plan outdoor activities for children in the mornings and evenings.

Sunscreen lotion with a SPF factor can protect the child from sunburns. It helps to reduce the intensity of the sun’s ultra violet rays which actually causes sunburns.

Shade provides relief from the heat but it does not protect one from the UVR of the sun. Sunburn can take place in the shade also because the light is scattered and reflected. Children with fair skin are prone to sunburn in the shade also.

Water safety:

Children love to play with water and near pools. Small kids can also drown themselves in tub or bucket of water. Do not leave the child alone near water or in the swimming pool to prevent accidents. Water pools or swimming pools in the house premises should be fenced properly up to 4 feet

Avoid Bugs:

Kids must be kept away from stagnant water where mosquitoes thrive. There are several poisonous plants which the child may be exposed to while playing outdoors. If a child comes scratching from outside wash the area with soap and water 2-3 times. Then apply a cream or calamine lotion.

Kid’s skin must be sprayed with mosquito repellents if they are in an area where there are insects.

Check carefully if the child is allergic to some insect bites or pollen of plants.

Summer safety tips for kidsTicks thrive in warm, moist areas which can harm the skin of the child and cause diseases. The best way to prevent ticks is to give the child a good bath within two hours after coming indoors. Ticks stick to clothes; hence the clothes must be thrown for a wash to get rid of the ticks.

The entire body including underarms, around the ears, behind the knees, around the waist and inside the belly button should be checked of tick bites. If fever follows a tick bite, doctor must be consulted.

Never leave the kid in the waiting car. The car gets heated and the child is at a risk of getting a heat stroke. The body of a child heats up faster than the adults.

Many kids enjoy playing on trampolines in the backyard. Back yard trampolines have been found to be the leading causes of summertime injuries like broken bones, head injuries etc. Trampolines must be safeguarded with nets and must be situated away from walls and fences.

Summer survival kit:

Parents must always carry some items with them in a bag or purse which are required for summer emergencies. One must carry a small first aid kit with antiseptic ointment, bandages, cotton wool and some medicines for stomach problems. Other essential things are a cell phone, water, some fruits, sun protection lotion, insect repellent and tweezers.
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