Summer hair tips for men

summer hair tips for men

Summer hair tips for men

Summer is season of hazards & problems and this is time the men should be over protective in taking best care for their hair. It is important to protect hair from the sweltering heat of the sun and as you remain outside for most time of the day direct sun rays make hair appear so dull and shine less. In summer men come across several problems related to the hair fall and thus there are several things for them to do and not to do. here are few summer hair tips for men.

Avoid chlorine in water

Pool is best place for men in summer. They love to take the direct thrust into water. However, pool water contains chlorine and this can badly affect quality of hair. Chlorine makes hair completely dry and it feels like straw. Thus, it is very important that you wear a swimming cap before taking a leap. This will help on keeping the genuine hair quality.

Short hair is always an advantage

It is a request to all men, not keep hair long during summer season. Short hair calls for easy maintenance as you do not have to do so many things to help hair stay so smooth and silky. During the day time always make sure to wear a cap when going out.

Shampoo your hair with an herbal product

It is vital that you shampoo your hair on regular basis. As you sweat more at the time of summer the salt content of the sweat tends to damage the hair quality. Moreover, due to the scorching heat and dust the scalp gets dirty so easily. Thus, it is important that you wash your hair on regular basis. You can do this on every alternate day to keep the hair so fresh and clean. Once the hair is made to stay clean you are sure to appear smart and fresh. However, it is always good for men to make use of the herbal based shampoos and conditioners. This helps your hair stay in the best of order and there is less of frizzing and dryness.

Regular oiling of hair is important

In summer men need to have more of hair conditioning. For this you need to oil the hair on regular basis. Make sure that you apply oil on the hair at least three times in a week. Oil can cause hair hydration from inside till the outside edge. In case you want the hair to stay healthy you have to oil the hair on regular basis. Regular oiling will make the hair grow fine and with the perfect hydration the hair will stay in the right state without getting too dry and frizzy.

summer hair tips for menSun screen lotion for scalp

Please do not get surprised as sun screen lotion is applicable both for the skin and for the hair as well. Make sure to have sun screen application on the scalp and this will help the hair stay protected from the damaging rays of the sun. So, it is always important for you to cry the hair styling gel and in the way you can really protect the hair from the harsh and damaging ultra violet rays of the sun. Summer is the most critical season and this is the time you should take proper care of the head and the hair so as to prevent unnecessary hair loss and hair damaging.

Avoid too much usage of hair styling tools

You have lots of tools these days to keep the hair in the right state. Please do not make use of these tools too often in summer. As you have the blow dryer and you even have the tool of flat iron. In summer the hair tends to remain so wet. So it takes more time for the tools to bring the hair to perfect style. For the same you require applying too much heat to the hair and this can be really damaging. However, if you really desire to make use of the styling tool it is best that you take to the application of the hear protectant. This can to an extent help in maintaining the sanctity and the perfect hair quality.

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