Strange reason Pineapple Cuts Your Tongue

Strange reason Pineapple Cuts Your Tongue

Strange reason Pineapple Cuts Your Tongue

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Pineapple is one of those fruits after lemon we almost avoid. The reason being – these fruits cut the tongue like the knife wedging it into the half. Strange reason Pineapple Cuts Your Tongue

If you ever believed this could be an allergy from eating pineapple, you are wrong. According to an expert, it is stated that the irritation has caused by a mixture of enzymes in pineapples called bromelain, which break down proteins and attack the tongue, cheeks, and lips on contact.

But surprisingly after you swallow the fruit, both the saliva & stomach acids overtake them, & the good news is that your tongue repairs those proteins and amino acids so that it would not be sore for long.

Strange reason Pineapple Cuts Your TongueThere are other fruits too that cause this problem – lemon and Amla or the Indian gooseberry. Experts also state the reason – due to the presence of acids in these fruits.

There are a lot of people who suck on a piece of lemon either for weight loss, stomach issues or nauseousness. In the method, the tongue and the lining of the mouth feel cut & begins to peel too.

If you are inclined to give up this tasty fruit ‘pineapple’, here are the reasons for you to think it over. Bromelain is good for the body as it helps in healing inflammation, swelling, indigestion and even extreme blood clotting.

It is a good enzyme since the proteins carry out numerous functions in the structure & development of cells, tissues & organs. Well, with this said, it is important for you to consume this delicious fruit once in a way although it puts the tongue into an complete mess!

Tip: To enjoy pineapple in it’s natural form, add the fruit slices to a mixed salad. You can top it up with chaat masala or pepper and salt. FYI: Adding a scoop of vanilla ice cream to a bowl of the pineapple slices, helps to cut the raw effect a little.

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